Empties from the bathroom || June 2016 ||Man grooming

I am a fan of showering and keeping clean. And yes, I extend this crazy beauty routine to my family. It’s not a bad thing and nobody has complained so far. This time, we take a look at what I have been using on my husband….or what my husband has been using. It’s time to look at his empties from the bathroom.

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Empties #1- Hair Gel

L’Oreal Studio Line Extreme Hold Indestructable Gel 150ml

When my husband is working, he has to wear a hat for health and safety. With this in mind, he needs to have a hair gel that can hold his style together. When he goes on breaks and lunches, he takes the hat off, so his hair gel does take a battering. This extreme hold gel is great at holding his hair in place all day. Despite it being very tough, it washes out with shampoo really easily.

Empties #2- Aftershave

French Connection UK Late Night Men Eau de Toilette Spray 100 ml

My husband goes through aftershave like I go through shampoo. Yeah, that much. This big bottle was a Christmas present but when I found it on Amazon, it turns out it is a real bargain too. My husband was a real fan of it, I wasn’t. I liked the smell, the bottle was funky, but there is something in this that made me sneeze. My husband would be happy to use this again but I couldn’t be around him if he wears it.

Empties #3- Shower gel

UMBRO Freshen Up Toiletries Duo Set

Shower gel is one of those things that my husband doesn’t get excited about. It is there is to get him clean. This Umbro shower gel really didn’t get him excited. I liked the smell, the gel lathered up well, and I thought it left him nice and clean. I was happy with this, and my husband was too. He just wasn’t keen on the smell. He prefers a minty scent in the shower.

Empties #4- Soap

Pears Oil Clear Soap (125g)

Men, I know that you don’t like face wash. Well, some of you don’t like face wash. As an alternative, I present to you, soap. This is a soap that helps to fight spot break outs with lemon oil. This was a fresh smelling soap that really helped keep his face clean. This would be great for your guys who work hard and sweat loads. Sweat and oil will block your pores and cause spots.

Empties #5- Spot stick

Witch Stick 10g

If the soap doesn’t help keep the spots in keep, then try a Witch Stick. This stick is filled with witchhazel which is great for getting rid of spots. If you have a spot break out, just dab the witch stick on the spot, and it will dry it up. With wearing a hat in work, my husband can get spots on his forehead where the hat sits. This was handy for when his hat made his forehead break out.

Empties #6- Baby oil

Johnsons & Johnsons camomile baby oil.

After a shower, it is important to keep your skin soft and moisturised. There isn’t a great deal of body moisturisers for men out there. So we make do with baby oil. For my husband, this isn’t about shining up his skin and making his muscles shine, this is about keeping his skin soft. I like baby oil for my own skin, so obviously I am happy for my husband to use it too. This is really good for your feet as it will help to keep your feet soft after a hard days work.

Empties #7- Deodorant

Vaseline Men Active Dry Spray Compressed Anti-Perspirant Deodorant 75ml

Deodorant is something that has to work hard for some men. Manual labour and the gym can make you sweaty. My husband is on his feet all day so he needs something that will keep him fresh while he is working a 10 hour shift. This compressed can was great at keeping him fresh all day and was small enough to fit in his back pack. There wasn’t much of a smell from this which was great as it didn’t clash with his aftershave. It was really dying and I was prone to taking a sneezing fit if it was sprayed while I was in the bathroom.

Empties #8- Body Spray

Batman vs Superman DC Comics Body Spray

This spray was nothing more than a novelty spray for my husband. He is a massive Superman fan so when I saw this can of body spray, I had to get it for him. The smell was actually pretty good but it lacked any staying power. So it was finished pretty quickly. Of course, if I spotted it again I would buy it as part of a gift. There wouldn’t be much point of keeping it in, it was just a novelty for him.

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