Super baby edition || Kids Empties from the Bathroom || 2017

Kids Empties

I’ve gotten myself a little confused recently with all of the different products in my house. Have I reviewed this? Have I talked about this yet? This is the kid’s edition so you will find plenty of stuff to use on your little ones.

As usual, I have provided links to my partners, and if you click and buy something I earn a bit of cash. Just being honest with you.


Kids Empties #1- Superdrug My Little Star Baby wipes


Kids Empties

I have shared my love for Superdrug plenty of times now, and this love extends to the baby wipes too. These wipes are cruelty-free and dermatology tested. One of the things that I really like about these wipes, apart from the cruelty-free thing, is the lid on the packet. This plastic lid is really handy and helps to keep the moisture in the wipes. They are also fragrance-free and suitable for newborn baby skin.


Kids Empties #2- Pampers baby wipes


Kids Empties Pampers baby wipes
Pampers New Baby Sensitive Wipes – 50 x Pack of 12

Sensitive wipes for sensitive baby skin. These wipes are super soft and gentle for a baby’s delicate skin. These are my favourite baby wipes because they are so soft. The only thing that I don’t like about these is the about amount of wipes. There are only 50 wipes in this packet, most of the own brand wipes have around 64 wipes per packet. But still, they are still my favourite pick for wipes for this month.


Kids Empties #3- Boot’s baby wipes


Kids Empties

This is another own brand set off wipes which is suitable for baby delicate skin. If I was to do a blind test on these and the Superdrug ones, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. These are also dermatology tested but aren’t cruelty-free. And even though the packet says “fragrance-free”, these had a bit of a scent, but that is clearly from the chemicals that are in the wipes, not added scent.


Kids Empties #4- Tesco Baby Wipes


kids empties

I have to admit, these are my go to wipes. Not because they are fancy or anything like that. They are cheap and come in a big box. It is so handy to lift a big box off the shelf rather than stand and count out packets of baby wipes that might be on offer. Plus my local food shop is Tesco, so it’s really handy just to pop them in with the weekly shop. Apart from being cheap and in a handy big box, they do the job.

Kids Empties #5- Tesco Loves Baby bubble bath


kids empties

This was another one of those bargain buys that I picked up while I was out shopping. This was a really big bottle of bubble bath that I was hoping would last a while. And it did! It’s not a bubbly as the main brand competitor so you do need a wee bit more, but not an excessive amount. This bubble bath is excellent for those families who are on a budget and like the J&J brand.


Kids Empties #6- Superdrug My Little Star Sleepytime Baby Bath


kids empties

Another product from the Superdrug baby range. This bubble bath is mild and gentle on baby’s skin. It has a delicate “sleepy” scent to help relax your little one before bedtime. This scent should help them to go sleep, and sleep soundly all night. It’s not overpowering so it’s ideal for the smaller ones. Personally, I like a bit more scent for night-time baths but this is decent enough.

Kids Empties #7- Johnson’s Top-to-toe baby bath


kids empties baby bubbles Johnston's top to toe baby bath

Johnson’s Baby Top-to-Toe Bath 500 ml (Pack of 2)

Is it sad that I remember when this was launched? When my eldest was born, this had only come out and my mum loved it! This is an all in one wash that saves you searching for a million different bottles during bath time. This is a lifesaver for new mums and dads who are trying to get to grips with bathing a new human being. Pump action, shampoo, and body wash mean that you can concentrate on the wiggly human in the water.

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