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The Potion Diaries

We meet again Miss Samantha Kemi, potion master…Yes, it’s time for round two of the Potion Diaries! This is the second book from Amy Alward which follows the adventures of our favourite potion master. I hear there is going to be a third book too, but let’s have a look at this one first.

The Plot

The story continues on from where we left off in the first book. Samantha saved the Princess of Nova, landed the guy, and is now considered hot property by the entire world. Not only did she win the Hunt, she won the hearts of the people, including the Princess herself who considers Samantha her new BFF. But now she has a new challenge. Someone has been toying with her grandads mind and Samantha has to find a way to save him. The Royal Tour is the perfect chance to hunt down new ingredients and find a way to save her grandad before it’s too late.

Thoughts on the Story

The first book gave us an insight and introduction to the magical world that Samantha and her friends live in. Now, this book dives in a bit deeper and unearths more details about the world. It would probably be best to read the first book before attempting this one. Otherwise you might not understand some of the references or the magic that is talked about. Like the first book, there isn’t much in the way of romance and danger. The romance and danger that is there, is really well written. There is slightly more romance than the first

Like the first book, there isn’t much in the way of romance and danger. The romance and danger that is there, is really well written. There is slightly more romance than the first book, and the same amount of danger. It might seem like there is more, but I think it’s just in one big chunk instead of little bits spread out. Although this book moves on quickly from the first, we see real character development. Samantha isn’t just working out potions, she is having to work out people, different cultures, and learning her place in the world.

Thoughts on the Author

They say to write what you know and I think it’s safe to say that Amy Alward was able to grow a bit as a person after the first book. Not that there was anything wrong with her in the first place, but she has admitted that she traveled after finishing the first book. Her own experiences of learning about other cultures is reflected in Samantha and how she bloomed as a person during the story. Amy has also tried to include her own experiences into the book, making the normal seem magical. Amy did scuba dive and swim with bioluminescent algae during her travels. She then took this experience and used it as a way to keep the story moving.

My daughters favourite bit

The teenager read this one too and she enjoyed this one more than the first. Her favourite bit, without trying to give too much away, was the big twist. Actually there was a couple of twists, but the one she liked was who the “master” was. I will say no more, it will just spoil it for you.


This is another fantastic book from Amy Alward. The story follows on well from the first book and gives the reader a bit more information about the world that Samantha lives in. Amy is able to move the story along without using shock tactics that have become the norm in recent years. This story has a plot and sticks with it. This is a winner for me and a great example of the sort of books our young people should be reading.

If you fancy getting your mitts on a copy here is the link to The Royal Tour or her is a link to The Potion Diaries.


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