The Beauty Edit: The Random Edition

When it comes to beauty stuff, sometimes I find some of the most random things. And if you ever saw what was in my bathroom you would be wondering what half of the crap in there actually does to my skin or hair. I have picked some of the more random products that I’ve been using recently and presented them to you for you amusement. Some of these things are products you probably wouldn’t look twice at, or they are products that just seem to random and have no purpose in your bathroom.

As normal we have included links to websites that we trust and probably used to buy this stuff from anyway. If you choose to click the links and buy something then the site gets a small commission to help keep Ryan on his meds and Lindsay in cheap coffee.

Acti-Derm Lipo Wrap kit


I. like many women out there, like the thought of a quick fix or something to help boost all that work that you do in the gym. The problem for me is that two big babies have left me a bit saggy in the tummy department. I was told at one point that the only way that I would get my stomach to look normal again was surgery. There is no way in Holy Hell that I would trust someone with a knife to trim my belly. A friend recommended I try this stuff. This wrap kit does several wraps to help dissolve the fat under your skin and tighten it as well. I did notice after the first use that my love handles were more “jelly like” than solid, if that makes sense. But did it tighten my skin? It did!


Clearly my stomach looks like the underside of an old man’s ball sack, so anything that can tighten and get it to a state that I can wear a bikini without scaring small children is good in my book. The main difference I noticed was the skin tightened at the bottom of my tummy so I didn’t have an overhanging skin flap anymore. If I used this stuff a few more times, I might just have a decent tummy for the first time in 13 years.

*I haven’t given you guys a link to this one because you normally get it from a rep. It does pop up one Amazon from time to time, so keep your eyes peeled. Or contact your local rep*

Pantene Smooth and Sleek

Pantene Smooth and Sleek Light Shampoo 400 ml

My hair, as a general rule isn’t in bad condition. My daughter on the other hand has the thickest hair you have even seen. The problem with this is that when it comes to doing anything with it, it gets tatty and there are days we struggle to get a brush through it. So when I tried this Pantene shampoo and conditioner, I thought it was alright. My daughter has completely¬†fallen in love with it. For the first time in her life she didn’t need me to wrestle with her hair. She said there were no tats and her hair didn’t get a tatty during the day. Keep in mind, she is 12 years old and nothing impresses her, so the fact that she near peed herself with excitement over this stuff is good enough praise for me. Plus, it’s not that expensive, so you don’t need to worry about the teenage girl in your life wasting it. Lets face it, teenage girls go through a lot of beauty products, so something that isn’t going to sting my pocket is a good thing too.

TreSemme Perfectly Undone Sea Foam


I love doing a vintage updo with my hair. The problem is, it is really silky (how much do you hate me right now?) and I have problems getting my hair to stay in the style. This stuff is supposed to be for creating waves in your hair. It does do that, I left my hair damp and stuck some of this in one day and the curls at the back of my head went really bouncy without any effort from me. Yes, I have straight hair at the front and curly hair at the back, how random. Anyway, I decided to see if this would work as a styling aid for vintage updo’s, and it does! This will help to hold you style in all day without the need for a mountain of hairspray.


That was me on Sunday while I was fishing. My hair stayed like this from 8am in the morning to around 10pm that night when I took it down again. All I used was the sea foam, no hairspray.

AA Skincare Deodorant

Bergamot & Aloe Natural Roll on deodorant – No aluminium, No alcohol, No synthetic perfumes – Pure essential oils

I was sent this by a PR company ages ago for a review. It was probably supposed to be up over a month ago. But I’m so glad that I waited to do the review. If I had done it ages ago, it would have been a bad one. This is a natural deodorant, and I really wanted it to work. But when I put it on it couldn’t handle the amount of activity that I do in a day. By bedtime my pits smelt like I was dying. Not good. So I put it down to just one of those products that wasn’t going to work for me. But then I ran out of my normal deo and was forced to use this. I warned my husband that I was going to smell for a while, I hate wasting stuff so I decided I would use it up, smelly pits be damned! But after using it everyday for a week or two, I noticed that it was working. At bedtime I didn’t stink. Even when I was working out or got really sweaty, I didn’t stink. I asked a friend who is a bit of a whizz with the natural stuff and she said that the natural ingredients would be working for long term smell neutralising, not blocking the pores or masking any body odor. My armpits do not smell at all, I have no body odor. If you can put up with your stink for a week or two, I would recommend switching to this.

The Beauty Blender

BeautyBlender Classic Makeup Sponge, 1 Applicator

This is one of those random things that beauty gurus have been barking on about for ages now. I’m no beauty guru, but the saying is “fake it until you make it”, so let’s just pretend that I know what I’m talking about for a minute. But here’s the thing, I don’t have a clue. Make-up is one of those areas that keeps changing and I can’t keep up. Flawless selfies are the new normal and I ‘m being left in the dust. But there is hope in the form of the beauty blender. Simple slap your face on and blend until you don’t look like a clown. You can use it for blending foundation and concealer. Fixing the mess of eyeshadow on your eyes. Or blending your eyeliner a little bit so that no-one spots that it is uneven. Beauty¬†idiots of the world rejoice! We have a thing to use to make us look like we know what we are doing!

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