Monthly Favourites || October 2017

Monthly favourites is that time when we have a look at some of the lovely things that I find. This month we have books, beauty stuff, and stuff to make you feel safe.

As usual, small disclaimer. I have been sent some of these products for free to review. There are also affiliate links to my partners so that you can buy this stuff for yourself. If you decide to click through and buy stuff, I get a small commission for sending you their way. 


147 things book Jim Chapman favourites
147 Things: A hilariously brilliant guide to this thing called life

This was featured in the KappaCino Book Club recently so you can check out the full and proper review there. One thing I did find out about this (that isn’t included in that review) is the names. If you look inside the book, there are a mountain of names at the front and back. These names are of competition winners who wanted their name in the book.  I thought that was a really cute and nice idea. Jim has his fans at heart when he published this.

Face Soap

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Natura Siberica Northern Detox Soap With Charcoal Deep Cleansing Purifying Effect 120ml

Activated charcoal is the beauty product of the moment. You can’t whip your ponytail back and forth without smacking into an activated charcoal product. I’ve seen the videos on YouTube of the black facemasks using charcoal and PVA glue to cleanse skin. But who really wants to rip a few layers of skin off like that? This is a black soap which uses activated charcoal as one of its magic ingredients. I couldn’t wait to dive in and try it because it smells divine! It has been making a real difference to my face, including making your pores smaller.

Motion sensor

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Maplin Home Security

Have you ever wanted a security system of some type? Nothing scary with alarms but just that wee bit of reassurance that no-one is in your house when you are out? The Eve Motion is the easiest system to use. It took me less than five minutes to set it up and I’ve had some fun with it! From what I can tell, it’s pretty accurate. I set mine up by the front door so it can tell me who has been up the hall. I could move it about easily if I wanted to, it’s just a little box. Thankfully there has been no strange movement around the house, especially this close to Hallowe’en.


They’re Real! Double The Lip by benefit Nude Scandal 1.5g

We all know I like to make my life easier so when I got my hands on this, I was excited. Seriously, who has time for lip liner? Ok, probably lots of people, but that is not my point. I don’t have time, and I like wearing lip liner. This is a two-in-one lippy with a built-in lip liner to help make life easier. I’m currently trying the shade, Nude Scandal. I love a good nude lippy and this is fast becoming one of my new favourites.


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I’ve professed my love for Wingz before and I was so excited when they wanted to send me another pair to test! Picture this- it’s getting nippy but not cold enough for a hoodie. You have a load of geek t-shirts that the world should see but don’t want your arms getting cold. Boom! Get some Wingz! They slip on under a t-shirt to create a long-sleeved version! I am completely in love with this pair of plain black ones. They also wash really well and are so soft!

Eye mist

optrex monthly favourites
Optrex ActiMist 2-in-1 Dry Plus Irritated Eye Spray, 10 ml

As a writer, I an pretty glued with my eyes to a screen. All day, I sit and type. And you probably sit glued to your smartphone, your laptop, or you work with a computer. I don’t know about you, but my eyes get tired. I have a thing about eyes, I don’t what mine to wear out before their time. Optrex recently reached out to bloggers to try their mist and I nearly took their hand off to try it! I use eye drops anyway, so this isn’t a completely new thing to me. Normally eye drops only last 28 days but this spray can be kept open for 6 months. This spray was really useful after the Jaffa Mud Run when I was head to toe in muck. Although it is not an eyewash, it is amazing for soothing eyes that have had enough and been through one hell of a day.

Nail Polish

New Nails Inc London Bridge 10ml Nail Polish For Her

If you have been here for a while, you will know that I am a nightmare for complaining about nail polish. Simply, it doesn’t last as long as it should. I remember 15-20 years ago, you could put nail polish on your digits on a Monday morning and it would last right through to Sunday night. Nails Inc is one of my big offenders for poor quality. But, it looks like they have changed the formula to their polish because it’s actually staying on my fingers for more than five minutes! The picture of my nails? That is over 2 weeks of wear. They normally look like that after a day or two.

Hair Dye

crazy color capri blue
Renbow Crazy Color Semi Permanent Hair Color Cream Capri Blue No.44 100ml

Ever wonder how I get my hair so blue? No, of course you didn’t. But I’m going to tell you. When I started dying my hair blue again, I didn’t want anything tame. Normally my hair is navy blue and I’m kinda over it. I wanted something bold, something fresh. So I tried bright blue. I’ve tried a few different blue dyes over the last few months (and you can find my opinions on those in my hair haul). This is the one that has really stuck with me and gave me the result that I wanted.

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