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Online dating is probably one of the easiest ways to meet people. And probably the best way too. Especially if my last Saturday night out is anything to go by.

Let me paint you a picture. I’m a bit drunk, I’m in a club with my ladies and a pack of boys walk in. And I do mean pack of boys. They rolled into the club like wild animals hunting for their latest prey. Me, in a not so quiet voice, “Oh my God! Thank God I’m married”. I know, charming little minx, aren’t I? And from this point onwards, I saw “adult dating” at it’s poorest.

I’m not one for going to the club. It’s too loud, I don’t know any of the songs (not that I ever did in the first place). And I don’t like getting my leg humped when I’m busting some sick moves on the dance floor. That night, I didn’t even bother to hit the dance floor. I ended up dancing around my table, which was a coffee table and banging my shins. Despite me feeling like an old person, it struck me how old some people were. I’m not joking, there was a group of women in their 50’s and 60’s there. I had to ask them why they were in a club like this, and they said it was to meet men. Errr…ok then. Personally, if I was single, I wouldn’t bother with that sort of malarkey. Not when we have access to some of the best dating sites at our fingertips.

I’m not one to judge but there must be a better way for senior dating that doesn’t involve older women sitting in a club looking miserable. I’m not sure why exactly. It could be because they feel forced into being there in out to get out there again. But I couldn’t help but wonder why they took themselves so far out of their comfort zone. Especially seeing as some of the guys there were young enough to be their grandsons.

It got me thinking, how do other people meet around the world? Is there a knack to it? Does a dating agency in Glasgow have completely different standards to an agency in New York? And what about the dating scene in China? Is it much different from Auckland dating rules? That’s a stupid question, of the rules are different across the world. So it seems logical that there are different rules for different ages. The rules for single people are different for people who want to date divorced singles.

If you are looking for love in this world, there are definitely plenty of different ways of doing it. It could be through online dating, it might be that your eyes meet in the frozen aisle over some chicken. Or you could even meet them in the club. But if you see me about to hit the dance floor, get out of my way! I’m gonna bust some moves and possibly my knees.

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