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The Fog

The Fog is the 2005 remake of the John Carpenter classic of the same name. This supernatural story tells the tale of a fog that engulfs an island and takes revenge on the people who live there. The movie stars Tom Welling, Maggie Grace and Selma Blair.

The Plot

In 1871, William Blake plans to buy half an island to be used as a leper colony but he is double-crossed. The men he is supposed to buy the island off, loot his ship and set it on fire, killing everyone on board. The riches and money which they stole are used to set up a thriving town. 134 years later, the town is set to unveil a statue to honour the founding fathers, the very men who killed everyone on the clipper ship. A strange fog bank rolls in from the sea and strange things begin to happen. Things move for no reason and the descendant’s of the founding fathers are targeted. It’s only when the ghost of William Blake is reunited with his wife does the horror stop.

The Fog

Thoughts on the Story

Although parts of the story were vague, it didn’t take much to put the dots together to make the full picture. Unlike many remakes in recent years, this story has stayed true to the original formula which was popular in the 1980’s. This is where it fell down a bit for me. I had expected it to be more in line with current horror stories and pretty much spell everything out for me. Modern movies lack the suspense factor that the classics had. Unfortunately, it is difficult to transfer that suspense into today’s modern cinematography.


Overall, The Fog is a good movie although it does lack some of the suspense of the original. Don’t get me wrong, it is still very scary in parts. Tom Welling plays his part well as a man who is trying to make sense of the chaos and not lose his mind at the same time. Selma Blair shouldn’t have been cast in this movie as a supporting character, she is too strong an actress and blew everyone out of the water. She played her character a little too well but Tom Welling did a good job of keeping up with her.

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