Bangor 10k 2017 || Race Report

Bangor 10k

The Bangor 10k is one of the most scenic events in Northern Ireland for local runners. The event is sponsored by George Best Belfast City Airport and had attracted runners from around the globe. But what would I make of the event? And would I even finish it?

This is the first time I have taken part in this race. And I will admit, I didn’t know about it until it popped in my Facebook feed for suggested events. But I’m glad it did. I enjoy a good run and after last years disaster at Decathlon, I was confident with what I could do. I don’t really do 10k runs, normally I only go as far as 5k with the local Park Run.

The race started outside the town hall. The first 1km took the competitors down High Street. And by down, I mean downhill. This was to be my problem. I hadn’t thought about running downhill and how it could hurt. As my foot hit the flat tarmac, the pain started. Shin splint (ouch). And I was only 1km in. I had a choice, I could suffer on for the next 9km or drop out. But this is me and I don’t quit. I had to go on.

Bangor 10k

I decided to walk the rest of the race. My walking pace is pretty quick so I hoped I could still complete the course in a decent time. As we went down the seafront, people began to pass me as my pace slowed right down to around 12″ 45′ per km. I needed to slow down to help reduce the pain slightly. As I ambled on, the pain began to decrease and my pace naturally picked up. I wasn’t running but I was moving at a decent pace of 9″ 45′ per km on average. The route took us from Bangor seafront to Groomsport village. At times, I managed a wee run, picking my pace up to around 6″ 30′ per km.

Bangor 10k

Because of the amount of runners, over 1,200 in fact, they ran out of medals! The organisers have been in touch with everyone who didn’t get a medal recently to say the medals will be with us all in a few weeks. Keep in mind, at the time of writing this, the Bangor 10k was nearly a month ago. I did get a medal, just not a bespoke Bangor 10k medal.

Bangor 10k

This was a really good race, apart from me being a muppet and running downhill. If I had thought and planned my race, I could have avoided that. If I had walked, or at least slowed down a good bit, I could have run the rest and got a better time. My time wasn’t too bad actually. I ended up with a time of 1:30:03 according to my timing chip.

I would definitely do the Bangor 10k again, and next year I’ll remember not to run down High Street!

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