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autumn places to visit

It’s chilly and the number of eight-legged guests in my room has doubled, the trees are fiery in sunshine and brown in the gloom, and town smells of woodsmoke and cinnamon. Depending on the weather you prefer, Autumn can be the best season of all or a gloomy reminder that Winter isn’t far away. For either preference, here are five of the best things you can do in the season of changing colours.

Visit your local woodland, hilltop or park

Weather: Sunny or windy

As the days grow shorter, it’s more important than ever to get as much sunshine as you can. The changing trees are beautiful and if you haven’t been hit with the seasonal storms, the leaves are the most joyful thing to sit and look at. If it’s windy, see if anyone is flying a kite- it’s a dying skill!

Find your local haunted spot

Weather: Any, but a gloomy day is more atmospheric!

Halloween is coming and everywhere has a resident haunted house or ghost story. Find out your local one and pay it a visit… or just taste test all the pumpkin-shaped ghostly sweets and treats on offer!

Go thrift shopping

Weather: Any

It’s a time of year when many people need a little extra help- especially the elderly or homeless. Donate blankets and warm clothing to your local charity shop and while you’re there, do a bit of retail therapy.

Curl up in a cafe with a fancy coffee

Weather: Gloomy, dismal and dark

Find the cosiest cafe around, bring a book, order the fanciest looking drink on the menu- preferably Autumn themed with whipped cream and sprinkles- and sit in the most comfortable-looking chair for an hour or two enjoying being warm while the weather rages outside.

Help in an animal shelter

Weather: Any

Animals are preparing to hibernate and some need a little more help than others- in the UK, hedgehogs numbers are falling dramatically. Give your local shelter or wildlife centre a call and see if they need an extra pair of hands.

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