Monthly Favourites || Beauty & snacks || May 2016

Everyone has their favourite things in life. For me, this extends beyond beauty products (believe it or not). Sometimes it is nice to have other things to get excited about, it doesn’t matter if they are old or new. This month we talk shampoo, tea, and snacks.

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The Ultimate Anti-Sickness Smoothie

anti-sickness smoothie

We have all been there at some point and it can come in many forms. And it isn’t pleasant in the slightest. But that doesn’t mean that you should suffer with the feeling nausea. So whether you feel sick because of a tummy bug, food poisoning, pregnancy, or even a bad-ass hangover, here is the cure to help you ride it out. This anti-sickness smoothie has been tried and tested by myself for some of the worst hangovers you have ever seen, and if it can get me through a whiskey hangover, then it should help you out in any other way.

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God, Abortions and meeting in the middle

A train of thought can lead you to exciting new places and new ideas which can make your world better. Last night I was watching “Forever” with my hubby-to-be, which resulted in us examining our family trees. For me, my heritage is very interesting and the knowledge of those who came before me has inspirited me many times over the years. My interest in spirituality comes from my father joking around and calling his mother-in-law a “witch”. He meant it as a joke but as a young child it sparked my curiosity in the occult and fairy tales. As I have grown older, the word “witch” has become more of a feminist label than Halloween scares. But throughout my research over the years, I have learned that God, or the concept of one, is not as black and white as it appears to be.

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Why I’m pro-choice | Abortion

Why I'm pro-choice | Abortion

The subject of feminist issues has been in the press the last while for a number of reasons. Changes to the law on birth control and abortion are two of the big ones that have dominated our news feeds recently as everyone goes head first into battle for a war that cannot be won. For me, it’s a sticky issue because I consider myself a feminist but I’m anti-abortion.

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Ready, Set, Go! |My C-Section Story


It is amazing how, when you are tired, your brain wanders to things. Today I began thinking about my C-section. I woke up feeling rubbish again today. I had slept in (again) after being up until midnight trying to do things, namely get my hubby’s uniform ready for him after he handed me it a 8pm…..he had all day to uniform me that his stuff needed washed and decided that late in the evening was a good time for me to get a wash on….grrrr! Continue reading Ready, Set, Go! |My C-Section Story