It’s not easy

The last time I went to see my mother-in-law she was stressed. When I walked into the house, she didn’t look up from the mountain of paperwork which lay around her. She flicked between different bits of paper, muttering under her breath, completely consumed with the task at hand. When she did finally look up, it was not to say hello to me or give her grandchildren cuddles, she looked to her husband and said “How far can Matthew walk?”

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Ready, Set, Go! |My C-Section Story


It is amazing how, when you are tired, your brain wanders to things. Today I began thinking about my C-section. I woke up feeling rubbish again today. I had slept in (again) after being up until midnight trying to do things, namely get my hubby’s uniform ready for him after he handed me it a 8pm…..he had all day to uniform me that his stuff needed washed and decided that late in the evening was a good time for me to get a wash on….grrrr! Continue reading Ready, Set, Go! |My C-Section Story