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Cult of Chucky || Movie Mondays

Wanna play? These are words that can put the fear of everything into a grown man who watched Child’s Play when it came out. But it’s been 30 years since the first Chucky movie scarred a generation for life. Will the Cult of Chucky have the same effect?

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The Plot

It has been 30 years since Charles Lee Ray, AKA the Lakeshore Strangler, transferred his soul into the body of a doll as he was dying in a toy store, and continued his killing spree. Since then, he has been resurrected several times, killed a whole load of people, gotten married to his girlfriend, and they had weird baby-doll twins. This part of the story is about his revenge and torment of Nica, a grown woman who might by his daughter. Nica was committed to a mental hospital after her family was murdered, and Andy has Chucky’s severed head locked away which he tortures.

Thoughts on the Story

If you have seen the other movies, then it will be easy to follow the story which has become a bit complicated. Everyone knows who Chucky is and the basic story but there is a lot more to it than just blood and gore, but that does make up a good bit of it too. Parts of the story are very gruesome and graphic. This still has a lot of the original things that make up a good slasher movie without it being completely mindless.


My husband wanted to watch this after being traumatised as a child by Chucky. He watched it on TV as a child and then his sister decided to set her Cricket Doll on him. For those of you who don’t know, Cricket is the original walking and talking doll that scared the crap out if plenty of children. Cult of Chucky is a great movie for Halloween or if you need to scare the crap out you.

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