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Hotel Transylvania 2

Hotel Transylvania 2 is the 2015 squeal to the 2012 film. The original cast comes back together to bring life back to Drac, Mavis and Johnny. The newest arrival to the family, Dennis, is finding his feet in a world of humans and monsters.

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The Plot

The story continues on from the first Hotel Transylvania. The young lovebirds, Mavis and Johnny, get married and live in the hotel. They settle down and have a son, Dennis. As Dennis is approaching his 5th birthday, he isn’t showing any signs of being a vampire. Grandpa Drac has opened the hotel to humans but is still hoping that his grandson will get his fangs. Mavis is worried about bringing a human son up around monsters and is considering moving to California to give Dennis a “normal life”. Drac doesn’t want his family to leave, so decides that he will help Dennis pop his fangs. Johnny and Mavis decide to take a trip to see what life would be like in a normal place. While they are away, Drac and his friends take Dennis on a trip to show him about being a monster.

Hotel Transylvania 2

Thoughts on the Story

Halloween can be a tough time for kids. It should be scary but we don’t want to terrify our kids. The story has the elements of the classic monster stories but with a lot of humour thrown in. Drac is still kind of scary but in a funny way. It’s really fun to see kids introduced to the old monsters (that is, if they haven’t seen the original). The story does make a point of showing how PC the world has become with the vampire camp.


Halloween can be a difficult time for little ones. They want to join in with the spooky fun but some stuff just isn’t suitable. Hotel Transylvania 2 is a movie that has the right amount of laughs and scares for the little ones. Although the jokes aren’t the best for the grown-ups, there are enough giggles to make it a fun family movie for Halloween.

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