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Gothika || Movie Mondays

Gothika is the 2003 horror movie starring Halle Berry, Charles S. Dutton and Robert Downey Jr as a group of psychiatric doctors who become the centre of a ghosts revenge plot.

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The Plot

Dr Miranda Grey (Halle Berry) is a psychiatrist at a women’s institution who works with her husband, Dr Doug Grey (Charles S. Dutton). One wet and rainy night, she is driving home from work when she is diverted after her main route home suffers from a sinkhole. As the rain wipes across the windshield of her car, she sees a young woman standing in the middle of the road and swerves to miss her. As Miranda gets out to help, she blacks out and wakes up three days later in the facility that she works in. Having no memory of what happened the night of her accident, she turns to her friend and collegue, Dr Pete Graham (Robert Downey Jr) to find out what has happened and why she has become a patient. Pete explains that Doug was murdered and that she is the prime suspect.

Thoughts on the Story

This was one of the best horror movies of the noughties as it examined the whys and hows of paranormal experience and mental illness. It was massively panned by critics but still managed to gross over $140 million. This is not the typical shock treatment horror which normally relies on gore or cheap jolts to the system. It does pose the question of “what would happen if you ended up in an asylum?” Would you get out or would everyone think that you were crazy, no matter what you said. It also stirs up chills as you might question how much you know about the people that you love, are they keeping deep, dark secrets from you?


This is a movie for those of you who like a scary movie but don’t want the usual fright-fest and jumping out of your skin. This was one of the first movies Robert Downey Jr made after his stint in rehab for drug addiction (and he had 40% of his salary withheld during filming for insurance purposes because he was still considered a relapse risk at this point). Although this is an older movie now, it might seem to lack the scares compared to what we are used to. But the story does make sense and you won’t have to go Googling answers afterward due to any huge plot holes.

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