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Misery is the 1990 movie which is based on the classic Stephen King novel. Kathy Bates and James Caan star as Annie Wilkes and Paul Sheldon, a writer and his number one fan who takes care of him after a car accident.

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The Plot

Paul Sheldon is a writer and has just finished his latest untitled novel, something that is new and different from what he normally writes. Over the years, he has made his money writing novels about his character, Misery. But he has grown tired of her and killed her off in his last book, Misery’s Child. He sets off to New York in his car and hits a snowstorm that causes him to crash. Broken and badly injured, he is pulled from the wreck by a passing stranger. Turns out this stranger, Annie Wilkes, is his number one fan and she is very, very dangerous.

Thoughts on the Story

This is probably the worst nightmare for anyone who has ever dreamed about being famous. Being at the mercy of a crazy fan would definitely be at the top of my list of horrors. This is a movie that is filled with suspense as we are never sure what will set Annie off or if she will tip over the edge completely. It’s also terrifying how far some people will go when it comes to the object of their affection.


I’m just going to say it, the book was better. The book is always better. But this is a fantastic adaptation of the book. Kathy Bates is incredible as Annie Wilkes and won several awards for her performance. Although the movie is different, a lot of the very gory parts were changed and adapted, it is still terrifying to watch the game of cat and mouse between Paul and Annie.

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