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Fantastic Mr Fox is the classic children’s book from Roald Dahl which was first published in 1970. Join Mr Fox as he outwits his farmer neighbours and saves everyone that lives in the hill.

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Mr Fox is a fantastic fox. He lives with his wife and four children under a tree, and every night he sneaks down into the farms and steals food for his family. Boggis, Bunce, and Bean are the three cruel farmers who always have their stuff stolen. One night, they decide that they have had enough and ambush Mr Fox as he is leaving his tree and shoot off his tail. When they realise that he is not dead, the farmers begin digging under the tree and into the hill to try and catch him, but the Fox family goes deeper underground. Will Mr Fox save his family and the other creatures from the evil farmers?

Thoughts on the Story

This story is a classic that has been read by children all over the world. The first time I heard the story, I was in P5 and my teacher (Mrs Lyle) liked to read Roald Dahl books to us in the afternoon. I love the story about the fox who outwits the three greedy farmers. The story touches on a lot of different things that many authors wouldn’t dream about touching today, such as death and the morals around stealing. This is not a book for parents who are faint-hearted.

Thoughts on the Author

Roald Dahl is a classic children’s author that often writes from the point of view that grown-ups can be cruel. He had a great career as a writer and created new words, as well as stories. Just like C.S. Lewis, Dahl served in the British Forces, but in World War 2. During his time at boarding school, Dahl and many of the younger boys were beaten by the older boys and the teachers. Dahl could never understand why they took such pleasure in causing pain for others and often touched on the ideas of cruel adults in his stories.


The book is easy to read so it is great for school-aged children who are ready to master longer stories with chapters and funny words. Although the story isn’t PC by today’s standards, that is one of the reasons why children should read it. They need to be exposed to different ideas in a safe way and Roald Dahl does that brilliantly.

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