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voyage of the dawntreader

The Voyage of the Dawntreader is the fifth book in the Narnia series but the third which was written. This the return to Narnia for Lucy and Edmund. This time they are joined by their cousin, Eustace, as they explore the Narnian seas with Caspian and the crew of the Dawntreader.


Three years have passed since the Pevensie children were last in Narnia. Prince Caspian is now King of Narnia and has made the decision to explore the Narnian Seas and the Eastern Islands. His Uncle had once sent a crew of men out to explore but they never returned. These men were friends of King Caspians father and he is determined to find them. With Edmund and Lucy’s help, he bravely sets out beyond the known Islands and journey’s to the End of the World. But who will be brave enough to go beyond and enter Aslan’s Country?

Thoughts on the Story

The book is one of my favourite Narnia stories as we get to meet characters that we already know. Apart from the Pevensie children, his does not happen much within the series. We also get a new character, Eustace, who starts off as a miserable piece of work. As the story moves on, we see him grow as a person. In the beginning, he is really quite hateful. But after his run-in with the dragon, he turns into a better person.


This is the book that made me fall in love with Reepicheep the Mouse. He is so brave and bold despite his size. The book shows us all of the characters grow as people. Eustace develops into a nicer person. Lucy has to deal with her own issues as the younger sister. And Caspian is finding his feet as King and what that means to his people. This is worth a read but would probably be best as part of the series rather than a stand-alone book.

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    1. I have reviews for some of the other books (I’m reviewing them in order) and they are amazing stories that have influenced some many fantasy stories 🙂

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