How To Create More Space In Your Home Without Extending

How To Create More Space In Your Home Without Extending

Building an extension can be expensive and sometimes unnecessary – you may already have space in your home; it could simply be a case of rearranging things. Here are just a few ways that you can build space by using the structure that you’ve already got.

Clear out clutter zones

Typical clutter zones such as the loft and garage could be turned into another bedroom, a lounge or even an office. Even a cupboard under the stairs could be cleared out and turned into a downstairs bathroom. Converting is certain to be cheaper than extending because you don’t have to pay for the extra masonry. You may need rubbish removal services to get rid of a lot of the clutter and waste. Some companies may even be able to recycle these items. Alternatively, you could sell or donate this clutter – there are plenty of second-hand stores out there

Opt for multi-purpose furniture

You may be able to clear up space by opting for more multi-purpose furniture. You can buy footstools, beds and even sofas with inbuilt storage, freeing up the need to buy another cupboard or sideboard. There may also be 2-in-1 gadgets that free up space such as washer-dryers or speaker-lights. Start experimenting with these items and see what free space you can make up.

Use collapsible furniture

You may also be able to use furniture that packs away when not in use, giving you extra space. There are many dining tables and chairs that can be folded away like ironing boards and put in a cupboard when not in use. You can even buy collapsible beds such as sofa beds and fold-out beds.

Make use of alcoves

Alcoves could be turned into storage space for putting up shelves or converted into a cupboard – make sure that you’re not neglecting these spaces. There may also be other small poky spaces that you can take advantage of such as corners of the room behind armchairs or space above cupboards and kitchen cabinets.

Use the walls

Empty walls could also be a space for placing shelves of hooks for storing items. This could free up floor space used by cupboards and sideboards. You could also consider mounting items on walls to use up vertical space such as speakers, lights and televisions. You may even be able to hide items within walls such as invisible speakers.

Create the illusion of space

If your home feels poky, but you don’t actually need any more physical space, you could try creating the illusion of space. Mirrors are a great way of doing this and can make a room feel as if it’s double the size. You may also be able to use landscape-themed wallpaper to give extra depth to a wall. Such tricks can be great for spaces such as hallways and en-suite bathrooms.

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