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The Last Battle is the seventh and final book in the Narnia series. We have now come full circle and see King Tirian, the Last King of Narnia face off with his enemies in his last battle.

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Narnia is not the place it used to be. It has been so long since Aslan has been, he is considered nothing more than a myth but the animals still have faith. So when Shift the Ape finds a lion skin, he tells his Puzzle the dumb donkey that he wants to him to pretend to be Aslan. Puzzle doesn’t want to but Shift is a ticky ape who can manipulate Puzzle to do things. Before he realises it, half of Narnia is listening to orders from Shift and he is stuck in a barn. Jill and Eustace are flung into Narnia to help King Tirian and Jewel the Unicorn save Narnia from being torn apart.

Thoughts on the Story

This is one of my favourite books for a few reasons. First, there is a unicorn. Second, all of the characters make an appearance in this story, I won’t say how, you will have to read the book to find that one out. Because this is the final book, it is great to see how the story has come full circle. The ideas of the different gods (Aslan for the Narnians and Tash for the Calormenes) is really interesting because they both make an appearance too. I really love the explanation at the end about Aslan and Tash, and the things that are done in their names. For me, when I first read it, it was an eye-opener about religion and how people do evil in the name of their religion.


This book does a great job of showing children the dangers of following something blindly and without question. And if you have read the books from the beginning you will want to read this one too. There are a whole load of references to the other books that come into play at the end. As a stand alone story, it could make sense but The Last Battle is so much better when it is part of the series.

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