I got fat for Christmas

For anyone who has piled the pounds on there comes a moment when you realise how bad it has gotten. For me, as a bit of a fitness freak in the past, when I put on a few pounds I’m the first to complain even though it’s not noticeable. But for the last six months the weight has piled on and I only realised it now. I knew my clothes didn’t fit well, I was getting out of breath easily, and I felt unwell. I put my lack of exercise down to spraining my ankle last year as there are still days it gets sore for no reason what so ever. But it was only 31st December 2014 that it hit home how bad I was. On this fateful day everything changed.

It started like a normal day. Got up, coffee, kids sorted. My parents had asked to take the kids out for the day and I was not going to turn down that offer. So once the kids were out the door, me and the hubby-to-be decided we would head out for lunch. We went to our favourite Italian place and stuffed ourselves stupid. There was garlic bread, pizza, chips, burgers, ice-cream, cheesecake, coffee. We ate it all. I felt stuffed. But worse still, I looked stuffed. As we left my stomach had ballooned up so much I could barely get my jacket around my swollen belly. We went out to get some shopping in the local centre and as I was squatting down to get a magazine from the bottom shelf, a woman popped down at the same time and scooped the magazine up that I wanted. She then handed it to me and tried to help me off the floor. I didn’t have time to react to the strangeness of the situation before she asked me when I due. This strange woman thought I was about to pop a baby out in the middle of the shop. And that’s when it hit me. I had gotten fat.

With the new year comes the new you rubbish that people do. The diets start and last a week. Smokers try and kick the habit. This year for me I have to lose weight. The humiliation of having someone think that I was pregnant when I’m not was enough for me start dieting and exercising again. ┬áNow, where have my trainers and spandex gone? I need to run!

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