Dear Google Chromebook, I hate you

Dear Google Chromebook, this is our story….

Everyone has to start somewhere with technology and once upon a time I had the best of stuff. I used to have a Sony super-awesome laptop until my ex-partner decided to watch porn on it out on the balcony of our apartment one night. It wasn’t the porn that killed the laptop but the three storey drop into the carpark below that smashed it to pieces. I was then forced to get a cheap laptop and have a hard think about my relationship. We aren’t together anymore, not because of the porn, but the complete disregard for my possessions that annoyed me.

The next laptop served me well for years. It had everything I could need on it and I regularly done updates, cleared out the hard drive, and kept everything important on a back-up drive. All was good it seemed. And it was, until one night my husky decided to jump on my while I was working and my laptop was knocked from my hands and smashed on the floor. The hard drive was fine but the screen was smashed to blackness. Part of me died that night. It was like a friend had been killed in front of me and I could do nothing to stop it. For those of you who think that I’m strange for considering my laptop a friend, well, that’s just me.

After this I had to find a cheap replacement for my poor friend, and fast! I’m doing a degree, writing a book, I work online. I needed one ASAP! And I found one in the form of a HP Google Chromebook. Yes, it works. But for someone who needs it every day for more than just using Facebook, it’s as useful as a fart in a spacesuit.

1) The charger broke within a few days and trying to get a replacement for it was like finding chickens teeth.

2) I have essays to do and there is a thing called “google docs” on the Chromebook, but is it compatible? Is it the same as Word? No. No, no, no, no…… It is not the same and it is not compatible with anything.

3) You can’t download Microsoft Word on to the Chromebook, I’ve tried, twice. That’s a bag a money I’ll not be getting back anytime soon.

4) It’s not compatible with an iPhone, or iPod, or anything Apple. Guess what phone I have? Yep, iPhone 5.

5) Because it’s not compatible with anything I can’t upload pictures from my camera.

6) I wanted to do a YouTube channel and it can’t/won’t edit videos.

7) The battery life is terrible and because the charger I use to charge it with pants, I can’t even plug it in and continue to work.

8) The app selection is terrible and half of them don’t work.

9) If you download an app and don’t like it, it’s a nightmare to delete it.

10) The is no cd/dvd port on it. I know with it being a notepad it shouldn’t have but it’s still annoying.

So, there you have it. The reasons why I hate my Chromebook. It might seem childish to complain about something like this but I picked it because of the good reviews it got. Like I said, if all you need a laptop for is flicking about on Facebook or Twitter, go for it. But anything more than that, you will need to fork out about money because it will be no good for you. For now, it will have to do the job, I’m too scared to go and see how much a decent laptop costs.

Sidenote- I wrote this blog post on my Chromebook, in fact I’ve been working on it all day. So far my hubby has had to remove from me twice because I was about to throw it at a wall, violently. He also had to hide the hammer because I was going to smash it into a million tiny pieces.

I also made a YouTube video about the Chromebook, watch it if you dare! (P.S. It’s terrible)

If you still think the Chromebook is the thing for you, there is a link down below to my partners at Amazon. If you choose to click and buy through here, the site gets a small commission. But when you feel the urge to throw it at the wall, well, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

20 thoughts on “Dear Google Chromebook, I hate you

  1. Reblogged this on A Crazy Random Jumble of Blog and commented:
    This basically sums up why I will never buy a Chromebook.

    You get what you pay for in the tech industry. If you don’t mind a high “cost of ownership” (both in terms of wasted money and headaches), go for Chromebooks and cheap Windows laptops. If you want to reduce the amount of mental distress, go higher up and shop for the machines that give you the best overall experience. It’s worth it in the long run.

    1. I freaking hate Chromebooks too.
      1) There’s not enough memory on the hard drive to play The Sims
      2) It crashes, A LOT
      3) It freezes, A LOT
      4) Some of my “automatically saved” assignments in Word online (which you can access by going on your office 365 account) don’t get saved when the tab crashes
      5) When tabs crash, it takes FOR-FREAKING-EVER to finally work properly

  2. I hate Chromebook big time! The worst invention ever! Arghhh
    1) Excel and Word do not have a full functionality
    2) I can edit my docs normally, it is all messed up
    3) It’s slow!
    4) It’s not compatible with many softwares and apps

    Ppl do not buy a chromebook ever!

  3. Honestly I hate chromebooks. After my school bought chromebooks for everyone, they discovered they will not print. So we had less money to buy printing computers and now we have two. Two printing computers for a whole school of kids. To make things worse, my father took away my laptop and gave me a chromebook. It is horrible. I hate chromebooks.

  4. Total rubbish, waste of money and gets me cross quicker than anything on God’s earth. What idiot devised this heap of …. Basically it’s a con, big time; fine for playing games, FB usage etc but serious use, forget it. The sales assistants who big it up in shops need a lesson in honesty!

  5. I bought this piece of trash before looking at all of the reviews, buyer beware. Worst purchase ever, can’t install my games, had to use a google e-mail, nothing I like works and there is never instructions on how to fix anything. Unless you are a computer geek, don’t bother with this thing. FYI, it took my son, who is an IT geek, over an hour to install a printer to this piece of trash. going to cut my losses and purchase a real computer. Sob, money lost that I can’t afford.

  6. Actually you do often get what you pay for, $200 bucks for a laptop seems like a pretty good deal. Until you go to use it. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If your looking for a decent laptop, buy business grade. Especially Dell. You can buy them new or used. There’s little to no bloatware, easy to service and easy to find parts. But the best part is the build. It’s nothing to find a nice used Latitude with nice specs on ebay or amazon for much less then these cheap $200 laptops. The screens, CPUs, and expansion are always better on these. Like the e6500 series. Dirty cheap. I have an e6530 I paid $150 bucks for last fall. It has an i7 8 GB of ram and Nvidia graphics. I recently stuck in two Samsung SSDs for a very fast boot in Windows 7. It does everything I could ever ask, and fast. Editing HD videos? No problem. Oh and since there’s no bloat, my whole system operates very efficiently. I get about 6 hours on a used battery. That’s just my two cents.

    1. Although I live in the internet, I have no real idea of how to work the stuff that gets me there. The Chromebook was sold to me as the idiots laptop of choice. What I didn’t know was that only idiots buy them. Maybe one day I will understand how they work and we can chat like two pros…..

  7. 1) This is posiible with all cheap laptops

    2+3) Google docs is okay cinsidering its free and you can export it tio word if you want. Plus you can gt the web based version ooffice.
    4) There are plenty of goo google compatible pps you an use tht work with the cloud.
    5) Ever heard of SD cards.

    6) There is a video editor built into youtube.

    7) The battery life is one the best things on chromeboos.

    8) I’ll give you that the app store isbt the best, the play store is coming.

    9) No its not. if you want to delete an app, right click it and there is an option to do so.

    10) Pretty much no laptop these days has one of these.

    So in conclusion, it appears that most of your evidence against these devices is either software that has now been fixed, or because it is cheap
    or just lack of research. I urge you to try a new one with android app support such as the samsung plus.

  8. i hate my crhomebook it can’t even EDIT and i’m tring to be a good youtuber but guess what? THE REC ON THE CRHOMEBOOK IS NOT EVEN GOOD IN FACT ITS TERRBIE

  9. i hate my crhomebook it can’t even EDIT and i’m tring to be a good youtuber but guess what? THE REC ON THE CRHOMEBOOK IS NOT EVEN GOOD IN FACT ITS TERRBIE (AND I TRIED TO SEND THIS BUT MY CRHOMEBOOK WHOLD NOT LET ME!!!!!)

  10. If I was limited to the top 10 reasons I hate Chromebooks, they’d have to be

    1) Lack of a built in left click (and ALT + click does not a left click make…)
    2) Constant crashes/freezes
    3) Lack of even basic quality apps, like a timer or a stopwatch
    4) Constantly trying to get me to install apps from the play store that are not even compatible
    5) Surprisingly terrible battery life, especially on standby mode. My 4 year old smartphone does better
    6) Constant glitching/lagging/jumping on all forms of video (YouTube, Hulu, downloaded files)
    7) Need to be connected to the internet for almost anything
    8) Painfulness of managing “normal” settings
    9) God-aweful audio
    10) People saying that you shouldn’t expect that much for $300…

      1. I will admit, I have been using the same Chromebook for four years and the updates have improved it a bit. You can now type a google doc up and download it as a Word.doc. It’s not perfect but it’s better than no Word.doc at all. My mum got one and she loves it. But then again, she only uses it for Facebook etc.

  11. I have an Asus Chromebook because I needed it for school. it has been working well-ish for the passed year and i didn’t have any complaints about it. DIDN’T. well i do now. I’m really pissed off about not being able to download anything linkable to microsoft. also, grammarly doesn’t work on google docs which is so annoying. This Chromebook also doesn’t turn off, no matter how long i hold the power button or shut the screen, so i have to keep a charger plugged 24/7 so I don’t get low battery life.

    1. The newer models are a lot better. I’ve had mine for four years now and it’s working better now after all of the software updates. For school, it’s probably grand. But when you get to college or university, you will need something with a lot more horsepower 🙂

  12. If all you want to do is surf the web, then a chromebook is for you. You wish to do absolutely anything else, or use a program other than Chrome, then it is either impossible or just incredibly cumbersome and frustrating. If you are on a budget, I still recommend the cheapest $300 laptop over a $200 to $400 chromebook any day. You’ll get a lot more out of the cheapest laptop over the most expensive chromebook you can buy.

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