Go the F**k to sleep

Ever had trouble sleeping? Do you toss and turn? Or maybe just have a staring contest with the ceiling for hours on end? Of course you have, in this modern age who hasn’t had problems drifting off to the Land of Nod from time to time. But what happens when it happens more often than you would like to admit? What if your not stressed or ill but you just can’t switch off? Welcome to the world of the relaxation CD!

There are two types of relaxation CD, music or guided meditation. Both can be great for trying to turn off at the end of the day as you can pop them on and listen to them as you fall asleep. A lot of these CDs can be picked up for free or very cheap. It’s not necessary to spend vast amounts of money in order to be zen like and calm.



My hubby calls these CDs the “whale music” collection. All of these CDs have either been free or only cost me £1 after finding them in the bargain buckets. I’ve listened to them all, and they are all lovely to listen to as you drift off. My favourite one has to be the Yoga CD, any time I listen to it I drift off into a really deep and peaceful sleep. With CDs like this being so cheap, it’s worth your while investing in a few different ones to see which one works best for you.

Guided meditation


I’ve been using guided meditation CDs for nearly five years now and I’ve seen a vast improvement in my sleeping patterns since I started. Most of these I got for free as a download from a website or as a gift. The newest to my collection is Ruth Pringle Holistic CDs, each CD provides a different meditation depending on your needs. The Secret CD isn’t a guided meditation but it is fun to listen when you are falling asleep, especially if you want to have some freaky dreams as your conscience goes to work.

You can contact Ruth Pringle at http://www.ruthpringle.co.uk/ for information on how to order her CDs.

If you are having real problems sleeping then contact your doctor who can help you with support and guidance.

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