I love Freebies

Can I confess something? Sometimes I buy magazines because of the free thing that comes with it. It could be a nail polish, a hand cream, or even a tea bag. I think I have an addiction to the freebies. Over the weekend the new issue of Glamour came out and I had to stop myself from buying four issues. Why four issues? Because they had four different freebies of course. As much as I enjoy the magazines, the inital lure comes from the free gift that comes with that issue. Over the years I have even subscribed to magazines just to get a fabulous gift set. Sure, I read the magazine too but without the fancy gift I would never have subscribed or picked it from the rack in the shop.

These are just some of the goodies I have gotten in the last few months with various glossy magazines.



11025472_10152736372561593_1509196222_o11034636_10152736372616593_489079689_oI have to sit and ask myself, is this wrong? Is it wrong that some of these magazines only have my attention because of the goodies? Should I not be expanding my mind with the information contained in the pages so that I can learn stuff? I am one of those ladies who could do with all the help she can get with the likes of fashion and beauty so I should pay attention to what is within the pages. I know that if I paid attention to the information that I have been given I could go from geek to chic, drab to fab, trampy to jazzy. You get the idea.

I think I should at least try some of the suggestions from said magazines. You never know, maybe if I use my freebies along with the guides, I might become quite the glamour puss. Meow!

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