I love Freebies

Can I confess something? Sometimes I buy magazines because of the free thing that comes with it. It could be a nail polish, a hand cream, or even a tea bag. I think I have an addiction to the freebies. Over the weekend the new issue of Glamour came out and I had to stop myself from buying four issues. Why four issues? Because they had four different freebies of course. As much as I enjoy the magazines, the inital lure comes from the free gift that comes with that issue. Over the years I have even subscribed to magazines just to get a fabulous gift set. Sure, I read the magazine too but without the fancy gift I would never have subscribed or picked it from the rack in the shop.

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Glossy Magazines: Inspiration or Desperation?


One of my friends got engaged recently and has started researching everything bridal. Her first stop was to the local newsagent to gather a collection of glossy magazines. There were fashion mags, hair mags, beauty mags, and bridal mags. All of which she handed to me a few days later.

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