Glossy Magazines: Inspiration or Desperation?


One of my friends got engaged recently and has started researching everything bridal. Her first stop was to the local newsagent to gather a collection of glossy magazines. There were fashion mags, hair mags, beauty mags, and bridal mags. All of which she handed to me a few days later.

“I can’t look at them! It’s depressing how expensive everything is!”

She had a point. Everything within the glossy pages was over-priced and shiny. Putting the word “wedding” on the front of anything made it’s value sky rocket to the point that it was obscene. So how are us normal gals supposed to have a lovely wedding without a huge price tag? I began researching into cheap bridal ideas and found a treasure trove of ideas online. Clearly there has been many brides who feel that “wedding” shouldn’t mean “debt”. Take my sister-in-law for example, she had to have the finest things for her big day and ended up putting her parents £20,000 in debt. Now that it has come round to my wedding to their son, they have no way of helping us out with anything.

The same principle can be applied to anything. These magazines provide us with a peek of how life could be. From designer items to places to eat, we are constantly being shown things that are out of reach, not just in bridal magazines with over priced fake butterflies for table centres at your big day.

But is there something good to be taken out of these style bibles? Yes, of course there is. At this moment in time you may not be able to afford the shiny things thrust within the pages but it can give you something to aspire to. It’s not just stuff, it’s a lifestyle. And it’s a lifestyle you can choose. Don’t get it twisted, I’m not saying get yourself into debt and danger over a handbag but magazines can give you an insight into the person you want to be. Many publications will give information about the type of people that they are aimed at. So if you want a high flying career that earns big bucks, pick up a magazine that will help show you the lifestyle that you desire.

My belief is that with the right mind-set the glossy magazines of the world can be used as an inspiration tool to move your life in the right direction. Failing that, at least the pictures are pretty.

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