Top tips for the best possible wedding

There comes a time in your life when everyone is getting married and having babies. For me, I’ve already had my dream wedding and babies. So now I get to do the great/annoying thing of giving you all some advice about life, love and how to get a red wine stain out of that cute top.

Today, I will be sharing some advice about weddings after my own experience of getting hitched. But, as amazing as my life advice is, you can click here and get some advice from people who actually know what they are talking about. Here are some ideas which I wish I had used for my own wedding.

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Choosing the venue

Choosing the venue is one of the top things which needs to be sorted. And I mean needs. Your venue will not just set the tone of the wedding/party, it also dictates how many people can come and how much you will end up spending. The reception venue tends to be one of the higher costing things on the wedding list which is a shame. What’s the reception about anyway? Feeding people, that’s what. And, if you are like me and you don’t see your extended family much, you have a room full of strangers who only came to get drunk and get a free meal. If I could do it over, I’d have cleared off on holiday and got married there.

Which theme?

This is a tough one. When picking a theme, you need to have something which reflects both people. And that is hard and requires a lot of give and take from both sides. For my wedding, we used vintage as our base theme. Then we picked superheroes and colour as two themes to lay on top. Sounds weird, right?  Completely. But the end result was fantastic! My bridesmaids were in different colours and my cake was multi-coloured layers of sponge with white icing. The cake topper was a vintage-inspired Superman and Lois Lane. There were just little dots of quirkiness here and there that made our wedding unique.

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Have fun (it’s your wedding after all)

This…..this is a tough one. But I’m going to say this and you need to listen. It is your wedding day. I’ll say it again, slowly this time. It. Is. Your. Wedding. Day. Not your best friends, not your aunties, and definitely not your mothers-in-law’s. I need you say to that over and over again because someone WILL try and high-jack your day. They will say that your theme is stupid and they would do it this way…. Or complain that the venue isn’t big enough for all the guests that they want to invite. Seriously, where is your granny’s postman going to sit? And why is your second cousin six times removed NOT the best man? Why is the groom picking his own brother? Does he hate your family? You know what you want, you know who you want there, so stick to your guns and have a good day.

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