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Last night, for some strange reason, I found myself on the MENSA website. Strange, I know, but while I was there I done a mini IQ test. It was an “easy” test according to them and my brain hurt afterwards. I was expecting to get a low score but somehow I managed to get 60%. Not bad seeing as I was expecting 20% or something around that figure. I don’t do crosswords or any regular brain training apart from studying for my degree, but why don’t I try and expand my mind some more?

Time is a big factor in everyone’s life. We never seem to have enough to get everything done that we want. Then it hit me. Instead of reading, why don’t I listen? Today I ditched the music for my run and decided to listen to some lectures I had downloaded instead. I was bopped along in the rain I listened to experts in psychology discuss identity and the effect disability has on a person mentally. It was enlightening. My mind took in the information while my body worked out. I ended up going further today because I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going. The end result was 6 miles without realising.

Could this be the next big thing in working out? Working our brains as well as our bodies? There are plenty of free lectures on any amount of subjects to be found online. Audible is an online digital bookshop which will give you your first download for free. Even better, just type “free audio books” into google and it will bring up a mountain of listings. Learn French while you jog? Maths at the gym? The possibilities are endless!

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