Top Audible audiobooks for the New Year 2018

top audible books for the new year 2018

2018 has just made an appearance which is making everyone chant “New Year, New Me”. Here are some of my favourite Audible audiobooks to help you get to grips with making the new you possible.

The Spenders Guide to Debt-Free Living by Anna Newell Jones

I’m sure it is on a few peoples minds right now, getting out of debt. And when is there a better time than the New Year? Christmas and the holiday season can put a strain on the wallet. Anna tells you how she changed her life with a spending fast and got herself out of debt within two years.

MONEY: Know more, make more, give more by Rob Moore

So, if you aren’t in debt, maybe you want to be more comfortable with money? Rob Moore narrates his own book and tales his tale. Rob is a self-made millionaire and shares his tricks to make more money with you. To him, money is a game, and if you have the right tools and understand the game, you can win too.

The Art of Being Brilliant by Andy Cope and Andy Whittaker

Being brilliant is something we all want to do, no matter what it is that we do. Success is something that we all crave. It doesn’t matter if that success is at the job you do, or with the family you love. This is a slightly shorter audiobook but it weeds out a lot of the wiffle that packs up a word count.

How to be a Productivity Ninja by Graham Allcott

I don’t know about anyone else but I would love to be more productive in my day. It seems to be that we are all experts on the art of looking busy but getting nothing done. That’s not good when you run your own business. This audiobook is about getting zen-like with your work to achieve productivity enlightenment.

The Chimp Paradox by Prof Steve Peters

Have you ever wondered why, despite your better judgement, you turn into a psycho who needs a good slap? Turns out, it might be your inner chimp. The good news is that you can control your chimp, get your mind to work better and be happier with your life.

The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins

The idea behind this book is to transform your life with everyday courage. This is about being fear and the self-doubt that is holding you back from chasing your dreams. Apparently, some of the biggest business people in the world are using this method to help them excel even higher.

Black Box Thinking by Matthew Syed

Black Box Thinking is a different way of looking at how we approach and deal with our problems. Black Box Thinking deals with failure and how we can learn from it. The aim here is to develop a healthy relationship with failure rather than letting it define us, and become the outstanding person we have always wanted to be.

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