Top Tips for scenting your home

top tips for scenting the home

Scenting your home can be one of the best ways to make your house more welcoming. But what are some of the ways to keep your house smelling fresh? Here are some of my favourite ways to scent my home.

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Yankee Candle is my go-to candle. I love the range of fragrances and the accessories that are available. One of my favourite candles is Turquoise Sky, I think it might be one of the first ones I ever got.

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I will admit, candles can be expensive at times but I’ve developed a love for TK Maxx. There are loads of candles there, all pretty cheap, but it can be hit and miss. One of my favourite candles (that I just discovered) is Our Own Candle Company. It is possible to get a nice scented candle in the supermarket too. Asda has a range of cute candles that won’t break the bank.


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I fell in love with my oil diffuser last year and rarely have it off. Although it is from Organic Aromas you can use any good quality essential oil in it. I have a mountainĀ of oils from Eden Semilla and they are lovely. But Organic Aromas also have their own range of blended oils.

Wax Melts

scenting your home with wax melts scentsy

Scentsy is one of the best-known wax warmers but there are others. Scentsy is my current go to because I used to be a rep and I still have a small mountain of the wax melts to use. Some are pretty hit and miss but some are great. The fruity scents are my favourite because they seem to last a lit longer than the others.

Found in the cleaning aisle

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Believe it or not, there is some great stuff to be found in the cleaning aisle. Febreze Classic Fabric Refresher is one of my favourite things to use on my sofas. Especially after the dogs have been in the house. Glade Shake ‘n’ Vac is one of the more random things that I like to use when I am cleaning. I don’t care if it is just the scent flying through the vacuum, it seems nice.

What’s your favourite way to scent your home? Let me know in the comments section.

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