Be your own truth

When I had this post in my mind I was going to start it differently until I saw a news piece on Jerome Jarre. Jerome is a Vine video star who has over 4 million subscribers on his channel. This level of interest in him has got the attention of some big players in the advertising industry and recently he was offered 1 million dollars to advertise on his channel but he had to stay in New York for one year. He told them to stick it. Turning down a million is a big deal no matter who you are, and you all probably think he is crazy but I agree with his reasons.

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Glossy Magazines: Inspiration or Desperation?


One of my friends got engaged recently and has started researching everything bridal. Her first stop was to the local newsagent to gather a collection of glossy magazines. There were fashion mags, hair mags, beauty mags, and bridal mags. All of which she handed to me a few days later.

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