3 simple things you can do to be more productive in the day

3 simple things you can do to be more productive in the day

Everyone wants to be more productive but it is hard to get yourself pulled together sometimes. But luckily for you, I have been testing out some different ways to be super productive and know which ones work. I have 3 simple tips for being more productive during the day.

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Delete those apps

A few weeks ago, I decided to put my phone down for a week and was shocked by how much I got done when I didn’t have my phone in my pocket. But it wasn’t the phone, it was social media. After completing the experiment, I tried to keep at it but notifications from my social media apps became a real distraction. They had to go! Don’t get me wrong, your phone can be used for good or evil, so delete those apps that waste your time. There are so many great apps that you can use like Audible or Duolingo to help expand your mind and help you be more productive. But the benefits of ditching 24/7 access to social media is more than just getting stuff done. I slept better, I was calmer, and I didn’t miss watching the drama unfold between people I don’t know when I was making a cup of tea.

Switch off the TV

It shouldn’t be surprising that this is on the list, but it is true. I was terrible for sitting in front of the TV, some nights it was nearly four hours I was plonked. TV can be great, the kids love having the TV on in the background while they are playing. And I enjoy watching the odd programme. But having the Tivo box record shows for you, filling up its memory, you feel like you have to sit and watch them. I deleted a mountain of shows at the end of my TV experiment, I think I’ll stick to streaming from Amazon Prime Video or buying the DVDs rather than recording a mountain stuff. I’m not against watching the odd TV show but watching for hours at a time isn’t productive when you have a mountain of other stuff that you want to do.

1 hour blocks

If you have a long to-do list, then you need to break it down. I love breaking things into one hour blocks. Not only can I get around 10 different tasks done, they don’t seem as hard when I have a time limit. I might not get the task done completely, like all of the ironing, but I can put aside an hour the following day for it. Let’s face it, a lot of the stuff on our to-do lists are probably daily tasks anyway, so why not set aside an hour for each task? And if it is a big task, an hour a day will keep chipping away at it. It’s productive baby steps. And once you get into a routine and chip away at those bigger tasks, you have more free time to spend with your family and on your hobbies.

These methods have been tried and tested by me so I know that they work. The hardest thing about them is getting into a habit, or breaking those bad habits. But once you start with these 3 simple tips, the results that you will see are instant.

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