Eco Life Hacks You Need to Try

Eco Life Hacks You Need to Try

Everyone’s life could be made a bit easier so for you, I present this eco life hacks guide. Some very simple ideas to save you time, money and the planet.

Buy A Fabric Shower Curtain

Shower curtains are one of those things that we use and don’t really think about, but did you know that a fabric shower curtain can last you years? Instead of buying a plastic curtain, which is filled with horrible chemicals, invest in a fabric curtain that can be washed, bleached, and re-used over and over again. Not only will you save money but you will reduce the amount of rubbish you create.

Glass Bottles

If you want to reduce the amount of rubbish you make even further, invest in a glass water bottle and a filter jug. You will save yourself a fortune on bottled water and drinking from a pretty water bottle will make you want to drink even more. Healthy planet and a healthy you!

Fabric Shopping Bags

When it comes to shopping, plastic bags are going out of style. Many countries are introducing a tax on plastic shopping bags to help reduce waste. So why not invest in some cute shopping bags made out of jute or recycled fabric? You can even get bags made from recycled tires.

Go Paperless

Do you know, you can get your bank statements and credit card statements online? In fact, there are plenty of ways to go paperless. Coupons can be downloaded to your phone, download apps to replace cards and tickets, and get a digital copy of your receipts sent to your email. This means you won’t lose those important bits of info.

Make Your Own Cleaners

Ok, I get that this might not be up everyone’s street but making your own products can save you money and environment. Vinegar, lemons and bicarbonate of soda can be used for loads of different jobs around the house. They are also safer for your family so you don’t have to worry about the little ones breathing in any nasties.

Quick Charge

Did you know that your phone charges quicker when it is on airplane mode? When you need to charge your phone, simply pop it on airplane mode until it’s fully charged, then switch it to low power mode to make the battery last longer.

Try Meatless Mondays

You may have heard of this one, but it worth a try. Simply change to a vegan or vegetarian diet for one day a week to help reduce your carbon footprint. How does this work? Farming and animals are one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gases. Plus, it will save you money and means you can choose a better quality of meat.

Wrapping With A Difference

Birthdays and Christmas can mean mountains of wrapping paper, which can mean mountains of waste. Why not change how you wrap things? You can reuse wrapping paper, gift bags, or wrap things in old newspaper with recycled ribbons. This is a unique and interesting way to give your friends your gift.

What are your favourite eco life hacks? If you want more ideas about how to reduce your carbon footprint, check out this eco post.

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