A day in the life of a blogger

A day in the life of a blogger

The poop hit the fan on the internet recently and everyone is looking for blood! Why? YouTube has changed its terms and blogger asked the wrong hotel for a free stay. It’s like an internet apocalypse! But instead of nukes, we have comments and opinions.

While I would love to get in there and stir the pot a bit more, it would be pointless. Also, I don’t have time. But I am going address a comment that keeps popping up.

“Bloggers are self-entitled and should get a real job”.

Really? Do you want to go there? Alright then.

5 am Yep, I’m up this early so that I can get a run in before everyone else gets up. I run for around 25 minutes in one direction before heading back home again. The distance doesn’t matter to me, I only have an hour to myself.

6 am Once I’m back home, I have an hour to get showered and dressed. I have my morning routine down to a tee so I can get completely ready within an hour.

7 am Now I have to get the kids up and ready. They get showered, dressed, fed and ready for school. I try to make a good breakfast every morning of porridge to help keep them going, but we like to mix it up with fruit or pancakes from time to time.

9 am By this time, I have everyone off to school. The day is now mine! No, I lie. Now I get to do some housework. I have only given myself an hour in the morning to get the house sorted. Within this hour, I have hoover, do any dishes, get some washing on, make the beds, flick the duster over, clear up after the dogs (includes scrubbing the back garden from their pooping), tidying the bathroom, cleaning the toilet, emptying the bins….

10 am Now my workday starts. I have to go through emails and check to see if anyone is requesting my skills. Then I move on to getting my own site sorted. Depending on the workload that I have on for the day, I might get the site sorted for the week or I might not get anything done for myself. I do my best to make sure that I have something sorted for the site every day.

12 pm Grubs up! I always take a half hour break for my lunch. Everyone should stop to eat. I don’t sit and watch TV while I eat and I try to keep my phone away from me, I like to take a complete break from the internet for a spell.

12:30 pm Back to work! I have some time before I have to do the school run so this is my chance to get the final push on stuff.

3 pm I get another break from work during the school run and depending on the weather, I might walk or take the car.

4 pm This is the hardest part of my day, I might still have work to do but I still have to get the kids sorted. Homeworks, snacks, and preparing dinner all divide my attention while I answer some more emails or schedule some social media po5 pm.

5pm Dinner time! I generally cook a meal every night, sometimes from scratch. But I do order in from time to time (and I don’t feel guilty about it, neither should you). Once we have eaten, the kitchen gets tidied up straight away. It’s so much easier to clear the kitchen straight away.

6 pm Bath time for the babies. I like to get the kids bathed early so that they can get comfy to enjoy a story. Every night I read to the boys. At the minute, we are working our way through the Narnia Series.

7 pm Now, depending on what day of the week it is, I go to the gym or put the ironing board up. Two nights a week, I’m in the gym with my girlies. The other nights, the ironing board goes up. I know, that sounds very boring but it needs to be done. This is the only time I get to watch TV too.

9 pm Bath time for me! I know I had a shower in the morning after my run but this isn’t to get washed. This is to soak my muscles and relax. Running and exercise can take it’s toll on your body if you don’t unwind your muscles properly.

10 pm Medication and bed. Every night I take around 30 minutes to meditate and completely clear my mind. This is one of the most important things that I do for my mental health. I have meditated for over 15 years and I can say that it has helped me keep my sanity.

This might not be the perfect day or make it look like I work hard, but blogging gives me the privilege of being able to work from home. And just because I work from home, doesn’t mean that I don’t work hard or think that I entitled to special treatment. But if you need another perspective on what is happening, head over to Toby and Roo for their thoughts on self-entitled bloggers.

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