Smelly stuff || Scents of the month || August 2016

smelly stuff

Scents of the month is becoming one of my favourite things to talk about. Kind of. We all know I’m a bit nutty about smells and this month is no different. In fact, I might have been a bit more nutty than usual. But that is what happens when you have dogs and children, you get a bit paranoid about the whiffs that come from your home.

Disclaimer: I got my mitts on all of this stuff using my own cold, hard cash. But I have left some links to my partners at Amazon so you can buy this stuff for yourself. And if you buy through my links, I get a little commission for my trouble.

Smelly stuff #1- Incense

smelly stuff
Stamford Fairy Mist Incense Sticks
Unicorn’s Grace Stamford Black Incense Sticks

I didn’t go through that much incense this month. Well, compared to the amounts I normally go through, this month wasn’t that bad. I saw these at a market and I had to have them! This incense was from Stamford and they had the cutest names. Unicorn’s Grace and Fairy’s Mist, seriously, how cute are those names?! These had a really great scent that filled the house. The burn time was excellent and I got a good while out of each stick.

Smelly stuff #2- Candles

Cotton Fresh Pillar Candle

I had picked some candles up in the Pound Shop (top picture) and they were great. Mainly because I didn’t feel guilty for burning them the way that I normally do. Despite being from the Pound Shop, they had a really good scent that didn’t just turn into a waxy smell when it was burning. There was a random candle in Primark that I spotted one day as I was queueing up to pay for my stuff. Naughty Primark for putting nice things by the till for me to spend more money on. Tut tut! All in all, I went through five candles in a month. Which wasn’t too bad for my house…..

Smelly stuff #3- Scentsy

smelly stuff

I am still trying to use up all those samples from when I was a rep. I managed to get through seven different scents for this month but keep in mind, I have three warmers in my house. These little samples are only lasting a day or two in my house before they lose their scent. I have even tried to burn them in my oil burners in an attempt to get a bit more of a whiff from them. That doesn’t appear to work on them, they just smoke in the oil burner so be sure to keep using them in a warmer.

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