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Subscription Boxes

You have probably seen adverts, blog posts and YouTube videos about subscription boxes recently. Even I’ve started talking about them a lot more! But are they any good? I have subscribed to five different boxes in an effort to treat myself. But do I like them? Are they any good? Well pull up a seat and grab a coffee because I’m about to tell you all about these boxes and what can be found inside.

Subscription Boxes #1- Glossy Box

Glossy Box is a monthly subscription which brings beauty treats right to your front door. They are famous for their pink box and high-value products. I’ve been receiving the box for nearly six months and I can’t really complain. There have been a couple of hiccups recently over delivery but they were very quick to get it sorted for me. Overall, the experience I have had with them has been really good and every month I look forward to my box arriving. They also offer limited edition boxes if you want to treat yourself. But one of my favourite things is the Glossy Dots. Every month you have the chance to earn some dots, and once you hit a certain amount, you get your box for free!

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Subscription Boxes #2- Birch Box

Birch box is the subscription I’ve been with the longest. You will have seen me feature hundreds of Birch box samples in Empties from the Bathroom. Well, it feels like hundreds of samples. Over the last year, Birch Box have been trying to reduce the size of their carbon footprint from the looks of things. The boxes are a bit smaller and there is very little packaging. Although this is a good thing, it does take away a certain “wow” factor. Just like the Glossy Box, Birch Box has it’s own loyalty programme and you can earn Birch points to spend in the Birch Shop. So you can pick up full-size versions of the samples for free!

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Subscription Boxes #3- Latest In Beauty

Latest In Beauty is very different from the other beauty boxes that I have listed. This is a beauty box, but you don’t have to subscribe to it. You can choose from a selection of different boxes to try and each box is called a collection. you can build your own box if you like but collections are fun to try out. When it comes to building your own box, it really depends on your budget. You can choose between 3, 6 or 9 products (all under £20) and pick what you want in it. This is great if you are stuck for a present for someone because you can pop a box together of beauty bits for them, result!

Subscription Boxes #4- My Geek Box

My husband is the one who gets the nerd stuff every month (even though we all know that I’m the bigger geek). But he loves getting his geeky shirts (which I borrow) and all the cool merchandise (which I also borrow). Errr…..maybe we should just share the geek stuff? Anyway, “My Geek Box” comes with a few different options including Lite box, Pop and a Top, or a kids box. We chose the standard box for each month and it has lead to an impressive “geek corner” in our bedroom.

Subscription Boxes #5- Infinity Crate

Infinity Crate was one of my husbands favourite boxes to come every month. Every month, the box would arrive with some incredible geek toys. My favourite has to be the Pop Vinyl figures that kept coming. We chose the premier crate for each month and my husband wasn’t disappointed. This subscription was much more tailored to him and what he likes. He is a big Superman fan so when they had Superman stock to put in, he got it rather than loads of Doctor Who stuff.

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