Smells like Chicken || Scents of the Month || July 2016

Scents of the month

I really am pretty paranoid when it comes to my house. Children, dogs, and general living can make it smell. Seriously, I hate it! And I always hate someone is calling at the door in case there is a waft of something that smacks them up the face. It doesn’t help that Thor, my male cat, decided to pee repeatedly¬†in the front hall for some reason. It would probably kill you with the smell of bleach and cleaning fluids that comes from there now but I’m still paranoid that it stinks of cat wee.

Scents of the month- Incense

I’m a bit of a nightmare for burning incense but I love the smell! Yes, I know it is smokey and can leave walls a bit dirty with soot but I don’t burn that much. Well, I don’t think I burn that much. Anywho, I got my mitts on this Earth Works Nag Champa incense from EarthWorks. This was a really strong smell that reminded me of a spiritual shop. I also got a big pack from the Pound Shop in the hope that I would not feel so guilty about burning an excessive amount incense in the house.

Scents of the month- Oils

10ml Sweet Orange Pure Essential Oil

I recently got sent a oil diffuser to test (and you can see the YouTube video here and read the review here) and I got an oil sent out to use in it. This was an amazing oil to use as it was really relaxing. Honestly, by the time I got to the end of filming that video, I was so chilled out. I already had a bottle of sweet orange oil that I had been waiting to break out. I am a big fan of the Freshskin oil because it is really good quality and that was made very clear when I could taste the orange oil on my lips after using it in the diffuser.

Scents of the month- Candles

When I re-decorated my hall, I decided to set up an area for candles to be burnt to help with the ambience in the hall. Oh yeah, I pretend to know what I’m talking about. One of the candles I picked up was from Sainsburys. As much as I loved the smell, I was pretty annoyed that it didn’t burn down properly.

Scents of the month- Fabric Softner

Lenor Spring Awakening Fabric Conditioner, 1.9 L, 76 Washes

Is it weird that I have included fabric softner? Oh, who cares! I love my clothes to smell fresh and some fabric softeners can fall short. To be honest, I was using a store brand softener there *cough, Tescos, cough* and it wasn’t great. It actually left my clothes smelling a bit damp and musty if I tried to dry them on the clothes horse. And that is freaking nasty if you ask me! I had picked up some Lenor fabric softener, mainly because it was on offer. The fact that the bottle was designed by Giles Decon was a concidence. This had an awesome smell that lasted ages and didn’t turn my clothes musty when I put them on the clothes horse.

Scents of the month- Scentsy

I used to be a Scentsy rep….hey, don’t judge me! We all have to eat! Anyway….when I was finished with my repping, I was left with a mountain of sample waxes to be used up so we have been trying to get them all used. I’m not over the moon about Scentsy anymore, I just don’t think that the waxes are strong enough or last long enough. Maybe that is just me being picky or paranoid but, sorry, they just aren’t working for me these days. There is a chance it is just the size of the wax isn’t big enough, so that would explain why I have gone through so many little wax samples recently.

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