17 Shocking Stories Of Athletes Who Died Mid-Competition

17 athletes who died mid competition

Dying is something that we have no control over. When a sportsperson or athlete takes to the field, we like to think that they will entertain us with their abilities. But sometimes things don’t go to plan. Here are 17 athletes who died doing the sport that they loved.

Nodar Kumaritashvili

In 2010 during one of the final training runs for the luge, Kumaritashvili suffered a fatal accident when his luge went off the track and he hit a metal siding. This was to be his Winter Olympics debut. As it was a training run for the Winter Olympics, it was shown on TV across the world live.

Al Lucas

Lucas was an American Football player for the Los Angeles Avengers who was killed during a game. In 2005, while playing against The New York Dragons, Lucas collided with two other players. He suffered a spinal cord injury and was pronounced dead after the game.

Jorge Herrera

In 2012, Herrera was racing in his final race of the day on his horse when he died. His horse Morito hit another horse and Herrera was thrown to the ground. He was trampled on by at least one other horse while on the track and died of head injuries.

Becky Zerlentes

Zerlentes was a geography professor and amateur boxer who died in the ring in 2005. She was completing against Heather Schmitz in the Colorado State Boxing Senior Female Championship match. She was knocked out in the third round and never regained consciousness.

Lane Frost

Frost was a professional bull rider who died during a rodeo. In 1989 he was riding a bull named Taking Care of Business. When he dismounted, the bull turned and hit him on the side, cracking several ribs. He was able to get up and tried to run from the ring but fell. His broken ribs punctured his heart and lungs.

Owen Hart

Owen Hart was a wrestler who died in the ring during a stunt gone wrong. In 1999 Hart was being lowered into the ring as part of his entrance when he triggered the release on his harness. He fell to his death in front of the audience and died from internal bleeding.

Wouter Weylandt

Weylandt was a professional cyclist from Belgium who died while competing in the Giro d’Italia in 2011. During the third stage of the race, he hit a concrete ledge as he was rounding a corner. The medical team took only 20 seconds to reach him but he had died on impact.

Phillip Hughes

Hughes was an Australian cricketer who was killed by a ball in 2014. During a match, he was attempting to bat when he was stuck in the neck by the ball. Although he was wearing a helmet, he hit just under his ear. In an attempt to save him, he was placed in a coma but died 2 days later.

Joey Dunlop

Dunlop was a world champion motorcyclist from Northern Ireland. During a road race in Estonia in 2000, Dunlop lost control of his bike in the wet conditions and collided with a tree. He was killed instantly on impact.

Antonio Puerta

Puerta was a soccer player for Sevilla Football Team in Spain. In 2007 he collapsed and fell unconscious in the penalty area during a match. He had a hereditary heart condition which made him suffer multiple heart attacks after he collapsed.

Duk Koo Kim

This South Korean boxer died after a fatal punch during a boxing match. In 1982 he was fighting Ray Mancini when the match finished in the 14th round. Kim fell to the canvas and was rushed to hospital as he slipped into a coma but died 4 days later.

Chuck Hughes

Hughes was a wide receiver for the Detroit Lions when he died during a game. He was playing against the Chicago Bears in 1971 when he suffered a heart attack on the field due to a blocked artery. He was rushed to hospital but couldn’t be saved.

Bill Masterton

Masterton was a professional ice hockey player for the Minnesota North Stars. During a game in 1968, Masterton collided with two other players and was knocked backwards and landed on his head. He wasn’t wearing a helmet and began bleeding out of his ears and nose. He died a few hours later.

Reggie Lewis

Lewis was a professional basketball player for the Boston Celtics when he died in 1993. During a practice session, Lewis suffered a cardiac attack. It was suspected to have been a defect with his heart, a common problem in young athletes.

James Victor Cain

Cain was a tight end for the St Louis Cardinals when he died during a training session. In 1979 the team was training for the new season when he collapsed on the field. He died of heart failure. His number 88 was later retired by the team in his memory.

Howard Glenn

Glenn was an American Football player who died in 1960. He was playing as an offensive guard for the New York Titans. During a game against the Houston Oilers, Glenn suffered a broken neck during the first half of the game. He died a few hours later from his injury.

Ray Chapman

Chapman was a shortstop for the Cleveland Indians. In 1920, in a game against the Yankees, Chapman was hit by the ball in the head. The pitch was thrown by Carl Mays and members of the crowd heard the ball hitting his skull. He died a few hours later from the injury.

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