Why I’m the wrong shape for fitness

why i'm the wrong shape for fitness

Fitness is one of those things that is inclusive, right? Anyone, anybody, any size? I’m not talking about being fat or skinny, I’m talking about the perils of being a short person. Here are some reasons why I’m too short for fitness.

Fitness clothes don’t fit

I have brought Capri leggings that reach my ankles. And actual leggings, yeah I stand on them. I also invested in compression socks and they reach over my knees and the heels are halfway up my calves. And yes, it does matter where they reach because they will cut the circulation off to your legs if they don’t fit right. I’m also a little “round” in the middle at the minute. So if I get something the right length, it sits wrong across my belly and cuts the circulation off to my head.

Equipment is useless

I started at a gym recently and was horrified to discover I can’t use any of the equipment. Not only an I too short, but I have joined a strongman gym and can barely lift the weights. Is there anything more embarrassing than standing on your tiptoes to reach the handle on the gym equipment? Probably. But not when the men present could easily bench press you with one arm.

My stride is too small

I can move my legs fairly quickly but because they are so short, my stride is tiny. I hate running with my husband, he’s a foot taller than me. So while he is “taking it easy”, I’m having to take two or three steps for his one. When you see us running together, it looks like a big cat striding along and a wee rat desperately trying to keep up with its’s little legs.

Kids stuff is not the same

My feet are only a size 3, and yes, I can wear childrens shoes. But kids stuff is not the same. As tempting as it is to get a pair of trainers with lights on them (because they make you go faster, obvs) they lack the support for a “proper” runner. Besides, I would make everyone jealous with my sweet princess trainers with light up crown on the heels.

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