Monthly Favourites || June 2016

I know, I know! I’m really late with this months favourites but if you watch my YouTube video, you will know why. And yes, I know it the video was up ages ago. I’m a very bad monkey. The simple fact is, sometimes life gets in the way of me doing stuff. Or in this case I had a mountain of horrible drama to deal with.

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Favourites #1- Phone Case


You may have heard that I had a bit of an accident with my phone and cracked the screen. If not, now you know. Anywho, the lovely people at Casemade heard what happened and sent me this lovely phone case so I didn’t suffer any more mishaps with the phone. If you want to check these guys out, here is the Casemade website.¬†I really love this case! It is made from real leather (sorry vegans!) so it can be cleaned and treated with leather care creams. I can guarantee that with the right care, the case will last longer than my phone.

Favourites #2- Oil diffuser


Nebulizing Pure Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser, Premium Home & Professional Use, No Heat, No Water, No Plastic – Raindrop by Organic Aromas

I was sent for review a while ago and it became a real favourite in my house. Here is the review post and you can watch the video below.

If you can’t be annoyed watching that or flicking anywhere else, know this. I love this little thing. The diffuser is amazing at spreading essential oil scents around the house. I really love the oil that they sent out with it, it was so relaxing! I have been using this non-stop since I got it and I have barely noticed the electric usage¬†either.

Favourites #3- Smelly armpit stuff


Perspirex Comfort Antiperspirant Roll On 20ml – 2 Pack

This is one of those things that I was sent and I’m praying that it works. I’ve been using it the last few weeks now and I am really impressed with it. Let’s face it, I’m heavily pregnant, it’s the summer, and I’m sweating buckets. It’s not very attractive. As I am sitting typing this, there is sweat pouring off me. Gross. But the only part of me that is dry, is my armpits. Not only does this prevent odour, it stops sweat from appearing. I’m seriously considering covering my entire body in it to stop me from melting.

Favourites #4- Book Worm


3rd Degree (Womens Murder Club 3)
4th of July (Womens Murder Club 4)
The 5th Horseman (Womens Murder Club 5)
The 6th Target (Womens Murder Club 6)

Another pile of books was laid into these last few weeks. I think I might have an addiction. Well, let’s face it, there’s worse things to be addicted to. I’m still reading my way through the Women’s Murder Club by James Patterson but I think I read so much in an attempt not to go stir crazy. I’m not sure how many of you guys will be interested in this but I have started a book club. Because I read so much I thought it would be fun if we could do a book club.

Favourites #5- Handbag

Pauls Boutique Betsy Shopper 32 cm schwarz

I picked this bag up in a charity shop last month and I love it. I couldn’t believe my luck when I spotted it in the window and saw the tag on it for a tenner. A tenner! For a brand new, never been used bag! It still had the labels on the inside. I needed a new handbag, the one I was using was from Tesco. Sad, I know! But now I have this beautiful big bag to carry all of my rubbish with me.

Want to watch the video? Here it is-


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