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Guernsey is seeing a real increase of interest recently after the movie The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society hit the cinema. But what can you actually do there? Well partner, you came to the right place to find out about other places.

History buffs are welcome

Guernsey is one of those big islands that you see on maps off the north coast of France, but they are considered part of the UK, but it’s not actually part of the UK. Yep, it can be a bit complicated down there and the island has had a colourful history. This includes the Nazi occupation in World War 2. But if you fancy something a bit more romantic for dating in Guernsey, you can take a guided tour around Hauteville House. This was the home of Victor Hugo, the French writer, when he was exiled from France.

Cycling for everyone

There is probably nowhere else that you can enjoy a cycling experience in the world. Guernsey has dedicated cycle lanes around the island so Guernsey singles can enjoy beautiful views while taking a romantic bike ride. But if you don’t like to cycle, there are walking paths too. Driving can be a bit difficult around the island but it’s only 25sq miles, I doubt you would really need a car. But it’s not all pretty views, there are some walking paths that are for serious walkers. The same can be said for the cycle paths, but there is something for everyone and the best way to see the island is by bike.

Food, food everywhere

Do you know what my problem would be if I was dating in Guernsey? I would get fat! For such a small island, there are loads of places to eat. From the roof-top cafes where you can look out over St Peters Port, to the fish and chip shops where you can get a supper and head to the beach. The Old Government House Hotel offers afternoon tea, or there are loads of places that have signator seafood dishes. You can even get crab sandwiches (yum!). The Guernsey dating scene is definitely not short for good places to eat out.

Take to the water

I couldn’t do a post about Guernsey and not mention the water, the place is surrounded by it! This means there are loads of different activities to do. You can take an open RIB and whizz through the water between the islands. You can see puffins and seals going about their day while you relax. But if you have ever fancied learning to surf, there is a surf school that is more than happy to take on beginners. There is even stand up paddle boarding (which is something else entirely) where you can learn the basics, yoga, and even tours.

There is loads of stuff to do in Guernsey, and because they are “sort of but not actually” part of the UK, if you are looking for love, you can take advantage of free dating websites for the area. Don’t forget to check back for my review of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society in Movie Mondays and KappaCino Book Club. But if you need inspiration for other days out, I have a few ideas for other areas too.

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