Let’s Go! || Wiltshire

let's go || Wiltshire

Getting a good day out can be hard sometimes. Where should you go? What is there to do? Wonder no more! I’ve done the research for you so that you can enjoy an epic day out. This time I’ve had a look at what to do in Wiltshire. Now the big question is, who will you take? Your kids? Your partner? Or will you take someone on a first date?

Visit something really old

Stonehenge is one of the most iconic sights in the world and is part of the National Trust. Do I need to tell you more? No, of course not! You probably imaged those big blocks straight away. But if you fancy visiting a heritage site that would be suitable for some dating in Wiltshire, try the Baths. The Roman Baths have been going over 2,000 years and now you can grab some lunch in the Pump House. Could there be a more relaxing way to spend a day?

Classic Cars

If you don’t fancy something as old as Stonehenge or the Roman Baths, then look out for some classic cars to drive you wild! Ok, you can hire a vintage classic to drive about the countryside, hoping it won’t drive you crazy. But if you fancy something different for Wiltshire dating, head to the lakes in your vintage motor. Why is this such a good idea? Because you might spot a Kingfisher! I can’t be the only person who gets excited at the thought of seeing some rare cars and then some rare birds, right?

Get Steamy

Is there anything more romantic than a steam train? You could probably think of plenty but Wiltshire singles can enjoy a trip to Steam, Museum of the Great Western Railway. You can’t get on a train for a ride but you can enjoy the exhibits and grab some food. You can even have a Christmas party or a wedding here. If you fancy blowing off some steam, head to Longleat. This is the original safari park and still houses plenty of wildlife that you can get know. Longleat also holds a hot air balloon event and 2017 was the biggest year yet.

Shop til you drop

I love a good bit of shopping, not grocery shopping, that sucks. But when it comes to updating my house or wardrobe I’m completely for it. The McArthurGlen Designer Outlet is one of the largest covered outlets in Europe. But if trailing around a huge outlet is a bit shallow (I’m not judging) but still fancy a bit of retail therapy then take part in a Treasure Trail. These are award-winning ways to explore the towns and villages so you can discover the hidden gems and shops you might have otherwise missed.

So, how have these ideas worked for you? And who would you take for a day out? Your mum and dad? Your kids? Or will you meet someone from one of the dating sites and take them on a first date? Or what is your idea of the perfect day out? Let me know in the comments below.

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