Time for an overhaul!

I stood looking in the mirror this morning and I found another grey hair in the middle of my brown locks. It was depressing but it’s only part of the problem. As I looked harder I saw something else, I saw someone who had lost their identity during years of stress. I have lost what defines me as me. I didn’t have time to dwell on it, I threw a hat on and left the house to take the kiddies out for the day. While I had the three year old at the play area I saw other mums there who had their glad-rags on with a full face of make-up, and I looked like a tramp in comparison. I was showered, clean clothes, some make-up, but I lacked something. Something was missing. Was it my clothes? Is my make-up style not fitting with what I was wearing? Jeans, trainers and a hoodie can be an alright combo depending on the style of all three, but I was wearing my hubby-to-be’s grey furry jacket over the top of it all and a hat that looks like a tea cosy. Trust me, it wasn’t a good look. I looked like I had dressed in the dark in other people’s cast-offs. I have no style.

This problem also rings true with this blog. Recently I done a post about my friend Gemma and her blog which you can find here http://deathofaspinster.blogspot.co.uk/, and not long after I posted it, Gemma wanted a chit-chat. First off she called me a rascal for not telling her about the blog, and then suggested that I give myself a bit more credit and share it with more people. That’s all well and good, Gemma has a theme for her blog, I don’t. Random ramblings about stuff isn’t good enough. I’ve been all over the place with it and haven’t wanted to share it until I got something decent going on. Sure, I started it to practise my writing but it has got more attention than I ever dreamed so it’s needs an overhaul too.

Tonight I sat and had a think about what I needed to do. This isn’t just about style, it’s about identity. I done a post about that too a while back called “Howard Stern has Titties”, if you haven’t read it then you really should because what I am about to say will not make sense otherwise. Someone’s identity can be like a set of boobs, there are times they are awesome and other times they suck. Identity changes as our life changes, just like boobies. If my identity was a set of boobies, what I would be looking at is a saggy, sad looking former funbags with nipples that look like ear-plugs. That was not a pleasant picture I just painted but it’s true. I was busy with other things and my identity went down the toilet as a result. Now it’s time to reclaim it, stick it back together with some duct tape and glitter, and hope that no-one noticed that my identity and style were as rough as a badgers arse. By why stop there? I can change my appearance, my lifestyle, and my blog. I will still be me just with a nicer hair and no monobrow.

So the new format for the blog is-

Monday- Beauty post. I may as well keep everyone up to date with what I am using while I polish my style and buttocks.

Tuesday- Fitness and health. I’m getting fat……there will be pictures…..grab a bucket….it will be nasty!

Wednesday- Pet post. I have three dogs, two fish tanks, two kids….wait? It’s bad taste to include the kids in a pet post? Alright then…..

Thursday- Politics. It’s been my thing the last while so I’ll keep doing it.

Friday- Parenting post. Two kids, need I say more?

Saturday/Sunday- Weekend review of anything events, bars, outings etc. What? I’m not allowed to go out now?

I may change it in the future but for now this is the plan for now. I may be getting in there a bit late for a New Year overhaul but it’s never too late to want to change.

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Like most females, I like to look my best but in a world were the standard of beauty and fashion changes as quickly as a hooker can remove her knickers, it leaves people like me with whiplash trying to keep up. It’s not helped with the amount of selfies we see online of our friends who seem to roll out of bed looking like they have stepped out of a magazine. And then there is that bitch in the office who strolls around the place in high heels looking like a model while claiming that it only takes her an hour to get ready. Yeah, right, and where did you get the magic clock that slows down time so that you can achieve that? No really, I need one to help me get through the mountain of ironing and have a bath in peace.

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