Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Like most females, I like to look my best but in a world were the standard of beauty and fashion changes as quickly as a hooker can remove her knickers, it leaves people like me with whiplash trying to keep up. It’s not helped with the amount of selfies we see online of our friends who seem to roll out of bed looking like they have stepped out of a magazine. And then there is that bitch in the office who strolls around the place in high heels looking like a model while claiming that it only takes her an hour to get ready. Yeah, right, and where did you get the magic clock that slows down time so that you can achieve that? No really, I need one to help me get through the mountain of ironing and have a bath in peace.

In one of my other posts I said that I have lost my identity. That’s not true, I have my own identity but it isn’t being reflected in my make-up, hair or clothes. I live in hoodies and do my make-up the same way as I have always done it. Who I am is not visible to the outside world unless the look is “don’t give a hoot” or tramp. So how do you address an issue like this? Who am I cannot be defined by one label. I’m a mother, a soon-to-be wife, a writer, a sci-fi geek, a rock chick, a historian, a student, vintage lover. All of these things make me who I am. So how can I show all of this to the outside world? Ah, this is where the fun begins!

First, lets start with the things I like because I want those interests to be reflected in my style. I love my geek t-shirts with Superman and Wonder Woman on them so those are staying. I love wearing jeans but maybe I should up date the style to something more trendy? Skinny jeans seem like they are still popular so maybe a few pairs of those wouldn’t go a miss in my cupboard. I’m sure my hubby-to-be wouldn’t complain about that, I might even stop wearing his jeans. I used to wear high heels all the time but stopped due to dog walking and toddler chasing. Plenty of yummy mummy’s clip-clop about in sky scraper shoes so maybe with enough practice it is possible to wrangle a three year old wearing shoes a porn star would be proud of without falling flat on your face.

Next up, hair and make-up. I started wearing heavy make-up in my teens to draw attention from the massive hooter on the front of my face, that and I can never seem to put mascara on properly so it’s easier to draw heavy eyeliner rings around my eyes to hide the fact that I have bashed the brush under my eye. But even with heavy eye make-up being a good look at the minute, if you get it wrong it looks dated and cheap. For this I may need a make-up lesson or two to get the look I want. For my hair I want something different. Colour wise, I have nearly always dyed it purple. There was a time in my early twenties when I decided to go blonde but the end result was neon ginger but lets not go there. Yes, purple is the shade I like and I’ll keep it that way. The actual style that I would like is “vintage up-do”. I lack any real ability to style my hair on a daily basis, generally I just blow dry it after washing and hope that I don’t scare small children with the mess of it. What I really want is to do a different look everyday. A bun one day, victory rolls the next, shake things up a bit.

So there we have it, an identity reborn! Now I just have to put it into action…….quick! Someone pass the hair dye!

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