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February is one of those months that I hate. It’s too short, it sneaks up on you just after January, and sometimes it throws an extra day on the end to confuse you. But nevermind my mini rant for a mini month, here are my monthly favourites.

As usual, I have provided links to trusted sites that you can buy these products. Some are affiliate links, some are just links to the company site. Some of these products were sent for me to test out and some I bought with my own money. Just letting you know, not that anyone really cares, do they? Anyway, fair warning to you all. Now, onward….

Favourites #1- Kawaii Box


Kawaii Box

This is not mine but I did buy it. It’s for my 13-year-old daughter who is obsessed with Japan at the minute. Kawaii means cute, or so I have been told. But why am I including it in MY monthly favourites if it is MY DAUGHTERS thing? Simply, everything in the box is freakin’ cute! I want one for myself! The best worst thing about it is the stationary. OH LORD! Pens shaped liked hot-dogs, erasers shaped like macaroons. It’s too cute, and I am too old for cute things like that….or am I?

Favourites #2- Ski Goggles


HAMSWAN Ski Goggle Anti-fog OTG UV400 Protection Detachable Double Lens for Winter Outdoor Sport (Ski Goggles for Adults)

Speaking of my daughter and things that she likes, at the minute is into the cadets and outdoor stuff. The wonderful about cadets? They get to go on a variety of different trips and activities. The bad thing about cadets? They get to go on a variety of different trips and activities and I have to buy new stuff for said activities. When I was asked if I would like to road test these ski goggles, I jumped at the chance! These are lightweight and easy to put on. They came in a sturdy carry case with a fabric slip to keep them safe. I expected them to be tight on my face (yes, I tested them myself) but they were really comfy. If this is the sort of stuff you get to use then really want to take up skiing now…..

Favourites #3- Wingz



That is not the best picture of me (ever) but I was impatient at wanting to try them on. I absolutely love these! The idea is simple, pick a pair of sleeves to turn at top into a new, longer sleeve version. When I was asked which set I wanted, I said, “I don’t care, just send me a black set!” And I got the black lace. Don’t get me wrong, the black lace are lovely but I wish I had asked for a plain black version. Once I put them on, I was in love! They are an amazing fit, they wash well, and don’t annoy me. I was honestly concerned that they would annoy me by bunching at the armpits but they didn’t. But why did I mention the plain black ones? Well, I have a mountain of t-shirts, mainly slogan t-shirts, and nobody gets to see them. If I had the plain black (or white) versions of the Wingz, I could cover my arms, wear my geek t-shirts for the world to see, and not have to cover them under a hoodie. Geek ladies, you need these in your life, don’t hide your geek shirts under your hoodies, these are the answer!

Favourites #4- Necklace


Karma Necklace

I love me some jewellery! Accessories can help to completely change an outfit and I was over the moon when Accessory Insanity asked me to try out their stuff. There is a massive selection of goodies available on their site but I choose this necklace. I love the Karma necklace with its little slogan on it. But, what I really liked was the length of the chain. I tend to find necklaces can be a bit long on me. Sometimes I look like a little girl wearing her mums jewellery. This had a really short chain that held the Karma disk at the nape of my neck instead of in my cleavage.

Favourites #5- Waistshaper


It is marketed as a favourite of the Kardashians and Snookie. I have no idea who these people are really. The reason I picked this bad boy is probably really stupid. Have you ever seen Steel Magnolia’s? Well, in the movie, one of the lady’s is sitting having a gossip about another lady and she makes a comment about how she has probably spent a fortune on the dress but hasn’t bothered with a girdle. That got me thinking about the shape of me and how I have curves in all the wrong places. So, here I am with my very own waistshaper, making my curves go into the right places and no longer looking lumpy under my shirts.

Favourites #6- Book


Come On Up to the House

I’m not going to go into the book too much, mainly because it will be featured in the KappaCino Book Club. But I’ll give you a little teaser. The book was written by Dane Cobain and was originally a screenplay. Six years later he transformed it into a novella for you to enjoy. The story is about a family who move into a house where a gruesome suicide took place. Did I like it? Yes I did and I’m not normally one for horror stories.

And there we are, my monthly favourites for another month. I’m really over the moon with these items so be sure to check out the other reviews on them, including- KappaCino Book Club, Outfit of the Day, And does it really work?

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