Latte Lindsay’s Top 10 Geeks


Over the last few years, there has been a big shift in how geeks are portrayed on the screen. And throughout the world, there is a trend of people identifying with characters from TV shows and movies. I always identify with the geek in the show or movie. Here are the top 10 Geeks from TV and film that make me happy.

Geeks #10- Screech from Saved by the Bell


Back when Saturday morning TV was good, there was Saved by the Bell. The gang were all super cool, apart from Screech who seemed like a bit of a punching bag for the rest of them. His crazy shirts and weird voice made him stand out from the rest. I had a soft spot for Screech when Saved by the Bell was primetime but since his appearances on TV as “the bad guy” and his alleged knife fight in a bar, he’s fallen out of favour with me. However, I still love Screech enough for him to make it into my top ten.

Geeks #9- Chuck Sherman from American Pie


American Pie was a trend setter for 90’s movies. It gave a new spin on the Brat Pack movies of the 80’s. Enter a bunch of virgin boys desperate to lose their virginity by prom after the geekiest guy they know “get’s laid” at a house party. The geek was none other than Chuck “The Sherminator” Sherman, a sophisticated sex robot from the future, ready to change the life of one lucky lady. There was an incident with a pie, the glee club, and a horny Russian exchange student thrown in there too. But nothing tickled my funny bone quite like The Shermanator and his geeky self confidence.


Geeks #8- Carlton Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air


If you head to a bar at the weekend, shout across the room “Do the Carlton!” and see how many 30-year-old men start swinging their arms around and clicking their fingers while singing “It’s not unusual” by Tom Jones. Carlton was not just a geek compared to his cousin Will; he was a geek with his love of rules, pastel colours, and knitted jumpers. Despite his whining and telling on everyone, his dance moves made him shimmy into my top ten.


Geeks #7- Garth from Wayne’s World


Nothing says geek-chic like having your Gremlin called the Mirth-Mobile complete with a flame paint job. Garth may have been Wayne’s side-kick on the cable access show but he flew the flag for geeks everywhere, with his inventions and love for a woman that he has never spoken to. Just like every true geek, he was loyal to his friends and helped them out when they needed him, after he had drank his coffee and played with his doughnuts.

Geeks #6- Data from the Goonies


This crazy little inventor made us all want to take things apart to build better stuff or make those cartoon traps that Warner Brothers was so fond of. His inventions may have been a bit on the wild side, and some things failed to work at all, but he never gave up on his passion despite the failures he had.

Geeks #5- George McFly from Back to the Future


It’s pretty obvious that George McFly is a bit of a geek from the beginning of Back to the Future but when he starts talking about Sci-fi, something which is only really popular now. After he stands up to Biff and gets the girl, his life turns around and he gets to live the life that every geek dreams of- being a successful sci-fi writer, beautiful wife, loving family, and his bully works for him. High five George!

Geeks #4- Josie Geller from Never Been Kissed


Josie is definitely a geek that I can identify with! Socially awkward, works for a paper, and just wants to be one of the cool kids. I may have given away too much information about me there. Anyway, Josie goes undercover at a high school and fakes it until she makes it. With that Hollywood magic in mind, I am off for a ride in the company jet, to drink champagne and meet movie stars… soon as I get out of my pj’s.


Geeks #3- Augie from Role Models


Role Models is one of those movies that is supposed to be about people putting aside their differences, the coming together of different people to fight together, or two idiots trying to help a couple of kids when they even can’t be trusted not to throw a bitch fit over a bad day. Enter Augie, the socially awkward teenager who loves to role play and doesn’t want to be anyone but himself, expect his alter ego on the battlefield.


Geeks #2- Ned Gold from 17 Again


I love Ned. If he wasn’t a character, I would be tracking him down to make him my bestie geek friend. Not only does he have the biggest geek collection (bigger than mine and my husbands), his knowledge of the fantasy world is incredible. We know plenty of people who speak Klingon, but not many who speak Elvish. Despite being a geek his whole life, he stuck to his guns, became a millionaire, and got the hot-geek principal who shared his love of pointy ears.

Geeks #1- Everyone from The Big Bang Theory

To put any of the characters on the list without the rest would be unfair. Sheldon has an obsession with geek culture to the point that he has several restraining orders against him, including Stan Lee. Leonard uses his lightsabers as a glow stick when the power goes out. Raj has a jumper collection which reminds us of the 1970’s. And Howard has used his engineering skills to try and build a robot girlfriend. That’s just the boys! Bernadette and Amy both rock the geek card in their own ways with their love of science and writing Little House on the Prairie fan fiction. Poor Penny is the odd one out but she has spent so much time with the geeks, she can rattle off a few bazingas herself.

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