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The New Year has dawned so we have all been thinking about what we want to improve this year. Will you finally take up that hobby? Will you finally learn how to swim? Or will you make a change in your love life?

Your love life might not be the thing that you think about improving, but why not? I find it very strange that people don’t take relationships seriously or they will “settle” instead of settling down. Now, don’t get me wrong, if no strings dating is your thing, you go for it. But if it isn’t your thing, what are your options?

Online dating has seen a massive surge in the last few years, and that is not surprising. What could be better than a site dedicated to finding people looking for love in your area? It might sound stupid but think about it. If you are on a North Yorkshire dating site, then you will find people from there. Which is kind of pointless if you should be looking at the London dating scene.  Location is key when you are thinking about looking for love online.

One of the wonderful things is that everyone on these sites has the same idea as you. They are looking for someone who could be compatible with them. Instead of having a waste time in the local pub, they can pop online and have a search. This might seem cold and logical approach to dating, but it could save you from wasting time on the wrong person. Hands up who has wasted months (or years) on the wrong person? Yep, me too.

Social media might seem like a good place to meet new people, and I will admit, that is how I met my husband, but it’s not ideal to find someone. I got lucky that my husband popped up as a friend of a friend and we met that way. But he had spent years as a removal man, what if he had his heart set on moving to England and join Oxford dating site to meet someone? The same could be said for some friends of mine. I know some guys who are Scottish, and if they hadn’t met their respective partners when they did, they would have been looking for single women in Central Scotland.

No matter where you are, no can make your search as wide or narrow as you want. If you fancy something not too serious and long distance? Find someone on the other side of the country. Fancy someone in your own county? good news, you can be as specific as you want. You could literally narrow the Suffolk dating area down to the town that you want.

Everyone has there own idea of what will work for their love life. Is online dating for you?

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