I lived like Dr Temperance Brennan for a week

I lived like Dr Temperance Brennan for a week | Bones TV show

After the success of the week before, I couldn’t wait to get stuck in with this weeks strong female leading lady. This week, I channelled my inner Dr Brennan from the TV show Bones.

Who is Dr Temperance Brennan?

Temperance Brennan is one of the most famous fictional forensic anthropologists that has ever graced our TV screens. Together with her team at the Jeffersonian Institute, she solves the murders that no-one else can. Dr Brennan has a long list of accomplishments, including 3 doctorates and can speak several languages. And she is a best-selling author.

Day 1

I had a good idea of how (or where) to start this week with being Bones. For me, this week would be about expanding my knowledge and learn new things. Any problems would be dealt with logically. Thankfully, we live in an age where information and knowledge is easy to find and cheap (if not free). There are plenty of free apps and sites that you can use to learn new things and get the mind ticking over.

Day 2

If there is one thing about Dr Brennan, she is logic and organised. I think one of her favourite things to say to Booth is, “But that doesn’t make any sense.” So it made sense for me to get myself organised. I’ve got a lot of stuff coming up and I’ve a lot of big plans for the next while.¬† I wanted to get ahead of myself and get some work ready to go. I have plenty of posts that are sitting as drafts that just need a little bit added to them.

Day 3

Dr Brennan really misses her mum so I spent the day with mine. I had some stuff to do in the morning but once I was sorted I went round and spent some time with her. I had only planned to go for an hour or so but once I was there, I was kidnapped! And I was happy to be kidnapped. I gave her a hand by moving out furniture and filling her in with the gossip. I told her about this little experiment and she gave her thumbs up.

Day 4

Today I had to do some shopping. Food, clothes, and smelly stuff. Plus I had the added bonus of getting to pick up my new glasses. I had my eye’s tested the week before, and in the hope that I can prevent squinting (even though I am a squint for this week) I have invested in two new pairs. I also had a look at some of the stuff I have in storage, including some Africain masks. If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen me posting about being given them during a house clearance.

Day 5

Today I was busy trying to sort my house out (that did not go well) but I still wanted to expand my mind. While I was scrubbing and polishing, I had my Audible on in the background. I’ve had my Audible Membership for months, and have loads of books downloaded but rarely listen to it. I used to listen to it all the time when I was running during the summer. So, I listened to some of the Writing Creative Nonfiction¬†from the Great Courses books (there are probably hundreds of different titles to choose from).

Day 6

Today was all about research! I know that Dr Brennan has a lot of mad skills including being trained in three different types of martial arts, is a gun owner, can hunt, is a diver……there is just so much that she can do. Obviously, I can’t learn to do all of that in a week but there is nothing wrong with looking to see what is available in my local area. I was shocked to learn that there are loads of different classes local to me, including medieval sword fighting.

Day 7

Another day of shopping, but today the town market is on so it’s a chance to get some local bargains. Rather than drive about, I decided to walk with the baby in the buggy to town to get want I needed. I kept an eye on the steps I was taking with my fitness watch and was shocked to see how close the town really is to my house! It’s about 2km. No joke. Another 2km and you hit the shopping centre

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