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Legally Blonde has been one of the most popular movies to make it to the stage in recent years. This 2001 comedy stars Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods, a blonde with ambition who heads off to get a law degree and her boyfriend back.

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The Plot

Elle Woods is having the time of her life in college. She’s head of her sorority, about to graduate fashion merchandising, and has an amazing boyfriend who is about to propose. But when he dumps her instead of popping the question, Elle decides to do whatever it takes to win him back. She packs up her life and heads to Havard to become a law student. Once she is there, nobody takes her seriously and the love of her life has gotten engaged. Rather than give in to the bullying from her classmates, she digs her heels in and studies. She gets the attention of her professors and gets a place on an internship.  It is here that she has her biggest battle against sexist lawyers and her first case defending a fellow sorority member.

Thoughts on the Story

This was one of the most inspiring movies of the year when it came out. This was the beginning of the noughties and women were still discriminated against because of how they looked. The movie is considered as one of the most important feminist movies of all time. Elle is pretty and fashionable, which up until then meant “dumb” in the eyes of Hollywood. Elle Woods taught us that we can be beautiful in our own way and succeed in life if we have a little faith in ourselves.


Although this is a comedy, the story has never been more relevant. Today, women are standing up and fighting for more rights. The film industry itself is being shaken to the core with the allegations of sexual misconduct for actors, producers and executives who want it covered up. This movie was a turning point for a lot of women who realised they could have it all. You can be whoever you want to be.

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