Some of the best places to take a lady on a date

places to take a lady on a date

Taking a lady out on a date can be a bit of a problem. What do you wear? Will she like you? Where will you go? I can’t answer all of those questions but I can help you with some ideas to help love blossom.

So, what has happened? You have signed up to the best dating sites and have found a girl you really like. She’s cute, she’s funny, and she likes the same things as you. Awesome. But, you have finally taken the plunge and asked her out. But where do you go? How are you going to make this an amazing time that she will never forget? I have some ideas for your local area…


If you are dipping your toe into the Woking dating scene, then you are in luck! There is plenty to do to make a fun day out. There are loads of cycle trails for romantic bike rides, or head to an amusement park for some thrills. Believe it or not, but the beautiful countryside around Woking is known to be one of the best places to pop the question. That might be the last thing on your mind during a first date but it’s good to know for future reference.


Belfast dating is definitely food and drinks centred. There are some amazing restaurants in Belfast and plenty of bars to choose from. If you fancy something a bit different, head to St Georges Market on a Sunday morning and pick up a venison burger and some cupcakes. Or pick up some purple carrots to go with the Sunday roast. Belfast is pretty central to most things so it’s easy to jump on the motorway and head out of town too.


Animal lovers rejoice! Because Buckinghamshire dating is all about animals. There is a rare breeds farm and a National Trust garden to explore.  But if you fancy showing your wild side, you can head to the treetops for a forest adventure. I would definitely double check with your date that they are ok with heights before booking that one! It can be scary, which is a good excuse for hugs, but they can’t be too scared. Otherwise they will hate the day and possibly you too.


Hampshire singles like their gin, don’t they? Well if your date does then you can treat them to a day at the Bombay Sapphire distillery. Yes, it is a thing. But if it isn’t up your street, find out if they like science or history. If it’s science then you can head to the science museum. If it’s history, then head to the Jane Auten museum or the historic dockyard. Failing that, there is a railway line for tea and cakes for a romantic treat.

Regardless of what you choose, make sure it is something that you will both enjoy. These dates are about making memories together, and there is nothing worse than going on a day out that neither of you really wanted to do. Maybe dinner and drinks are all you need. But pay attention to want your potential partner is telling you, it will provide clues for what they would enjoy.


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