3 Difficult Industries To Get Into And How To Crack Them

difficult industries

Some jobs are easy to obtain. If you want to work in a convenient store, for instance, just apply. They’ll send you a quick survey, and if you answer the questions correctly, you’ll get to move onto the next step. Apparently, they are looking for a certain type of individual but to be honest, the questions are easy to guess.

Other industries? They can be a lot harder to crack, and some are infamous for how long it can take to get a position or even be considered. Let’s take a look at some of the most difficult industries to get into and the best way forward with each possibility.

I Want To Be A Rockstar

difficult industries || rock star

Do you want to be a famous musician? If you don’t want to go mainstream and just want to be recognised for your talent, it’s better to aim for the classic industry here. Don’t bother with the pop world because the chances of you getting noticed unless you no someone are slim to none. And, if you have real talent, it’s possible to gain a fantastic career in the world of classical music.

Of course, if you do have your heart set on being the next Taylor Swift, Adele or Ed Sheeran, we have a few recommendations. Make sure that you start young. Are you listening, parents? If your kids show a passion for music, you better push them to achieve as soon as they can walk. Just look at the most famous musicians, and you’ll see that they always have home videos where they have been singing or playing guitar.

As well as this, you need to be ready to promote yourself because no one is going to do it for you. Make sure that you are using the tools at your disposal. For instance, with companies like Nationwide Disc, you can actually produce and sell your own music CD. This is a brilliant way to gain the attention you need to be a success.

I Want To Be An Author

difficult industries || author

Start with a blog. A blog is a brilliant way to gain a reader base and make sure that some people do know your name. You can also pop that on your cover letter. Essentially, you need to have a profile online because authors are far more likely to succeed if they already have a built in reader base. It means that the publisher or the literary agent have less work to do. As well as this be prepared to write more than one novel because these days the agent wants the next book ready for release straight after the first. Take your time with the second but make sure you have a couple ready and then just keep sending it out. Yes, it will get rejected a lot, but it only takes one to see something special.

I Want To Be A Doctor

difficult industries || doctor

Finally, you might be passionate about becoming a doctor and working in medicine. This is a unique case because it’s not actually that competitive. You just need to be exceptionally clever, able to function under pressure and ready to work long hours at first with low amounts of pay. To succeed here, it’s all about working your fingers to the bone. Keep studying, forget having a personal life – it’s not like the dramas you watch on TV – and you will succeed.

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